Saturday, September 26, 2009

Thirsty Thursdays

Thursday night is Cask night at Dogfish Head Brewery and Restaurant where they tap whatevery they are specially brewing. I've been trying for the 75 minute IPA to no avail. I took Paya this past Thursday night, because she loves 60 minute IPA, and because she is leaving. Punkin Ale was the cask, okay, but not my favorite.See, she likes her 60 minuteI like the fact that Bonerama is coming to town!

We had a delicious dinner, great conversation, and a walk up to the beach. It was wonderful. What will I do when she leaves?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

I got a job at the Christian Church Conference Center, a place where I grew up going to camp, my children went to camp, my parents staffed camps, and I served as staff. Now I am the Manager, a paid position, a jack of all trades.
I met some great kids from the Czech Republic, my staff, my summer children.We worked hardAnd we had funMy family made the annual trek to Cape Henlopen, one family's final trip as they relocated to the midwest shortly afterwardI only made it for one night, but I still managed to get some silliness in
I went to Mexico to build some housesand spent some time with some great youth, including over 30 hours on a bus

I managed to get a little time on the beach with my family

And to play Rocky in Philadelphia with my summer children (I call them this because on our drive home, My Handsome Prince and I in the front, the three of them in the back seat, the girls comfortably remarked this was just like being on vacation with their parents and they have called me Mama Dana all sumer)

It has been a summer of discovery.