Wednesday, May 31, 2006

She Did it!

Audrey finally cut her hair! We all started growing our hair at the same time with the intent to donate it. Well, I did not last long, because as soon as that 10 inches was there, off that ponytail came! I will admit I chickened out twice and had to have someone go with me to hold my hand. But this isn't about me. Over the weekend, typical Audrey, decided she wanted her hair cut NOW. There was no time for it and she moped, just a wee bit. Today, when she went to the hairdressers, there was not much nervousness, no hesitation, just cut it! When it was done, she could not stop running her fingers through her hair, playing with it, seeing what it would do. She says she misses her long hair, but I think once she gets to school tomorrow, she may feel differently. I know everyone is going to love it! I'm so proud of her! Now to mail the ponytails to Locks of Love. As you see, Emma liked playing with them. Emma got a trim, too, with new bangs. She's the holdout, she's not ready for donating yet. I love Audrey's new "do"!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Another finish

I know I should have been doing other things. I did manage to get two loads of laundry done and a little weeding, despite the 90 degrees weather. Another mistake, too. I never should have washed it, the blue verigated is now blue mush. This is the last crochet project too, well, except I might make another one of these. I do have to say that this blogging world has encouraged me to step out and try new crafty adventures, even if they are not quite right. It has inspired me to craft for the fun of it and not for the perfect product in the end. I was working towards that anyway but to see others do it on a consistent basis is inspiring. This little rug will either go in front of the kitchen sink or under the dog dishes. Posted by Picasa

A bit of creativity a bit of cuteness

This bag was much more of a challenge to make than I thought. Quality Control was not with me on this. I still think it's pretty cute, I just hope it is useful. Lot's of mistakes and poor planning, but love the colorway! The cross stitch was started about 5 years ago and finally finished a couple weeks ago. The back is patched just like the front without theMOP buttons. The inside is lined with the lightest fabric.
I just couldn't resist this. Punkin remained like this for at least an hour. She must have really missed us. Posted by Picasa

Monday, May 29, 2006

Luna Moth

This was on the ceiling of the patio on Saturday night. I don't think I've ever seen one before. Posted by Picasa


Aren't they cute? Posted by Picasa

Sunday, May 28, 2006


This is the sign that greeted me on the door when I got home yesterday. Isn't that sweet?

What an experience! I feel so empowered by the fact that I conquered something that scared the daylights out of me! I could do it again, even though it was tough. I am not sore at all today, but am sick with a cold. I'm just glad it held off until I finished the race. My time was 1 hour 51 minutes 21 seconds. While not a record breaker, I came in 15th in my age division of women and 73 over all women. I have no idea how many women were there but there were almost 600 people total. Tasha came in 1st in her age division of women and 20th over all women (I think). WOW! She kicks butt!

There were four of us doing this triathalon together. Jen, Carrie, Tasha and me. BTW, all of these girls are 10-18 years younger than I. I met at Jen's house on Friday afternoon and we promptly got to Tasha's. Tasha is a very organized, driven woman and had us right on track. Carrie, what I can gather, is the opposite. The sweetest nicest woman you could meet, though. Anyway, the fact that Carrie was a half hour late because she got lost should have been forshadowing. We followed Tasha and Carrie with lots of wrong turns, Jen and I in another car, laughing hysterically every time we had to turn around. We checked in and got our packets the night before (Tasha's idea and the best one!) so we could prepare ourselves. We took a look at the lake, drove the bike route (whoa, major hill first thing, but we were prepared to tackle it having driven it). These little preparations made all the difference. Thanks Tasha. We never made it to the pasta dinner and instead went to a little italian sub shop. We stayed in a little old strip motel, the kind you avoid on a regular basis. It was cute and clean, so no worries. It had a coffe shop at one end, open mic night (too loud), so we had dessert and left. We spent the rest of the evening being silly, posing in our flannel jammie pants and tank tops, prepping our clothes for the next day, got a demonstration from Tasha on how to change a tire, took photos, talked about breasts and booties, laughed till we couldn't laugh anymore and slept fitfully.

Saturday: up at 5am and out the door by 6. We got to the lake and went to the transition area. This is part that just terrified me. I did not know what to expect. Once I had a little knowledge, I felt better. There is an area that is fenced off with flimsy metal racks and small space markings. You hang your bike by the seat on the bar going across and arrange your stuff, i.e. shoes, helmet, socks, on the ground underneath. There were definitely some people who had been doing this for years and had things "just so". Very interesting. Afterwards you get your body marked. Your competition number along both arms and your age on your calf. We spent the next two hours debating on whether to wear a wet suit (wore it), going to the bathroom numerous times, observing the physique of the other competitors, meeting others, and any last minute preps.

The race: It starts with the swim in which you enter the water in waves according to age and sex. Being over 40 and female, guess who's wave was the last to enter the water? Not a good thing. I already felt like I was going to finish last because I started last. But, you are competing against the clock, not the people who went before you. By the time my wave entered the water, I was feeling okay. I felt prepared for the swim. When we received the go, all hell broke loose! People kicking me, swimming on top of me, pushing me over and under, I panicked! Within the first 25 yards I was almost crying and ready to quit. Yet, I remembered the t-shirt in our packet, the quote on the back said "Pain is temporary, quitting is forever". Boy, did that suck! So, I quickily changed to breast stroke, so I could see and get my breathing under control and just basically kept an even pace. You start running out of the water once you can touch, start stripping off the goggles, wet suit, and cap, and get to the transition area as fast as you can. Side note: You are wearing a chip on your ankle and pass a counter, thingy, that times when you start a part and when you end it. Put shoes on, jersey, bike shorts, helmet, grab your bike and mount where they say you can. Ride like the wind! I felt good on the ride. I've never been the fastest rider but always consistent even on major climbs. I did quite a bit of passing, yes! Beautiful ride, though I would like to do it when I actually can look around. Home stretch to transition area, I see the handsome Prince! He shouts and takes a photo. I transition and start running. Oh no! I thought this is where I really loose it. Nope. Just keep on truckin' (remember those t-shirts) and I actually passed people running. What a hoot! Saw Tasha on her way back as I was starting, she gives me a boost! I see Jen, we do a low five as we pass, I'm on my way back, I see Carrie, we do the same thing. I see the CEO of the YMCA and his wife, they cheer (their son raced). I cross the finish line. Woohoo! My Handsome Prince is there, he is choked up and tells me how proud he is of me. He has a huge smile on his face . What a way to end a race, one where you were terrified yet kept going, friends and strangers cheering you on, and your partner and biggest fan at the end. I'm crying as I type this. None of it quite sunk in yesterday.

To top it off, last night was prom. I saw my beautiful daughter all of ten minutes before she left. Four of them came back here afterwards. During the time they were gone, Handsome Prince and I set up 2 tents, started a campfire, had a glass of wine around the fire, got some nice snacks together, including smores makings. I stayed up till about 4am, listening to them talk, laugh, eat, knowing that these times will end soon. I enjoyed the sound of their voices and layed on the couch lulled to sleep by the sounds of their voices. They are good kids and I trusted them, I just wanted to be around without being with them. I don't know if they understand, but maybe someday they will. This morning I fixed them a huge breakfast. I skipped church, Handsome Prince, Audrey and friend, Ashely went. These are sweet times. Posted by Picasa

Friday, May 26, 2006

Little Bits

Yesterday I received a sweet package in the mail. In came from a friend I met around 15 years ago, and with whom I literally only spent about 3 months. We have corresponded over the years, snail and e-mail, and had two short visits in this span of time. She sent me a package of some letters I had written her, some she had written me, some snippets of fabrics of projects she had worked on, some extra quilt blocks (stars, like Jeanne's - guess what kind of quilt Sammajamma is getting!), and such. It was such a delight to read about the kids when they were younger, and yes, even the difficult times. It's so different than looking back, reading the words you actually wrote at the time. That is one of the reasons for blogging. I have never been a journal writer. I am so thankful to have these snippets.

Today was a service awards breakfast at the high school. It was for anyone who has earned over 300 hours of community service since 6th grade. Emma would probably have over a thousand if she would fill out the papers for all the church work she does! Yet, she has earned over 300 hours with all the service projects at school. What a wonderful honor. I'm proud to be the Mother of such a service oriented, giving child. BTW, Audrey has already earned 100 and she is not even in high school yet!

Tomorrow is the BIG EVENT. Barf.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Some nice comments and e-mails have helped. :-) thanks.
I rode my bike, 12 miles in 46 minutes, not fast enough but it was dragging and in bad shape. I promptly took it into the shop to have minor repairs just in time for Saturday. I know I'm just in a panic about stepping outside of that box. This is the year that I stop saying someday and actually accomplish things. I also totally ripped out my sock. Feels good.


Okay, the nightmares have begun. I've been through this before, just with different things. Last night I dreamt that instead of participating in the swim, I participated in a scavenger hunt. Then upon arriving to the transition area, I realized I never set anything up! Luckily, Tasha had set up my shoes and gloves. But I didn't have a bike! Ugh! I'll get through this but I better get some sleep!

I've started making a list, so really should be prepared. I'm not as prepared physically as I would like to be but it's okay. There is another triathalon in August that I might participate in. I don't know. My plans for today fell through at 7:30 this morning. Originally, I was supposed to meet Tasha and Carrie (another Y employee and fellow- maybe - triathalon competitor) for a swim in a lake to try out wetsuits and open body of water. Well, drama ensued, too long of a drive for a 10 minute swim and other things have pretty much done it in. Instead, I'll be cleaning off my bike and going for the first ride of the season. I haven't been worried about the ride portion because of teaching a cycling class every day of the week. Now all of a sudden I'm in a panic. Tears are threatening. Not only did plans fall through but I feel like I'm letting my sister down by not taking her to PT (my parents are sharing the responsibility - I think). I'm a mess.

Let's add to this the fact that my dog is sick, no clue what it is, $$$ at the vet, and no improvement. Also, finally fixed my sock (still singular) only to make another huge booboo. Do I totally take it apart and start anew? Do I discard and start with fresh yarn? Or do I plod along frogging it, not really knowing how to do it and how to start again. If anyone is a knitter who is reading this, leave me your thoughts.

A physically capable body.
A sunny day.
Children events tonight, a dinner for show choir and a middle school band concert. I love these things!
Peanut butter and bagel

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Reason to Save

I received my copy of Mason*Dixon Knitting yesterday. What a wonderfully written book! It is so full of inspiration! Of course I want to make everything, but what really killed me was the Calamari knitting. Holy moly! Another reason to save stuff! Now I feel like I have to go through all those Goodwill bags that are in all cars (4) and take out anything that I might be able to use for yarn. I've already got collections of wine corks, bottle caps, now collecting snapple caps, t-shirts (t-shirt quilts), altoid tins, broken dishes, and I'm sure I could find more. I once collected toilet paper tubes with no reason, and all of a sudden, the church needed them. A ha! All of this on top of a fabric stash that includes cottons, wools (rug hooking), and fancies (crazy quilting), plus laces, ribbons, buttons, trims, threads, yarn. Li'l Sister was over once working on a project. She was amazed and overwhelmed by my junk. I was complaining about it, figuring what I would actually use (you know that once it is out is when you found the time and project that you absolutely needed it for!), and asked what would happen to it all if I died (even more reason to get things done!). She said, "I would take it all." I do not want that load on her! So, off to do something!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Hen and Chicks

I have hen and chicks coming out of my ears! I have transplanted a bunch, bought some other varieties, and traded some. It seems to be a plant that does not require a green thumb. I'm not a good gardener. I do all right, and that's about it. I had a pair of MHP's military boots that I planted them in. They were so cute! They thrived in the boots! I ended up sending them with him to his new armory and they sit out front. I managed to get two pair of boots last year and finally planted some hen and chicks in them today. I hope they do as well. I love the fact that one set of boots had holes in the front that I could stick a couple babies in! That's an ugly patchouli plant next to the one set. It may be ugly but I'm hoping it will grow so I can dry the leaves and make sachets for my closet. Yes, I always stink of patchouli or as a bartender stated, "You smell like a Grateful Dead Concert." What can I say? I love it. Although I do have to say the patchouli perfume I picked up in Italy is exquisite and I receive many nice remarks about it.

This is a shallow dish in which I put the different varieties that do not winter outside. The same with the Hen planter. The boots will stay outside all winter and do just fine. Arent' they just the cutest things?! Does anyone need any? I still have two pots full and I don't know what to do with them. I'm afraid if I plant them in the ground they will be as big as cauliflowers!

My husband helped me with my priorities on his day off after a drill weekend.
Happy Audrey getting off the bus.
A night off.
My mood lifting and letting go.
My new Mason Dixon knitting book.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Todays project

I needed another yard project like I needed a hole in my head. Yet, when on freecycle, someone advertised forsythia, it was an anwer to what I have always wanted to plant along our property line. I've been putting it off for years, not wanting to buy, and even tried rooting some branches this year, but no luck. Well, I got my wish, except no one to help me dig. Ugh! Good upper body exercise. I hope to get it all done today. This woman was digging her forsythia out with a backhoe! She tried to get me to take more, but I figured this was enough to keep me busy for the entire day. If I want more, I know where I can get it! BTW, if anyone has a
freecycle in their area, I highly advise joining. You can get all sorts of crap, um, stuff, and get rid of yours. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My day

My posts have been infrequent and so has my crafting. My day today consisted of a quick 500 yard swim followed by teaching a cycle class. From there I drove to get my sister and take her to physical therapy. While there, Sammajamma and I played on the big fitness balls, stacked cones, whispered in them, held them on his head, made them into bicoculars, and anything else you can do with a simple cone. From there I took Li'l Sister shopping a bit and for a bite of lunch. Now am on my way to a fit ball class and a kickbox class. This has been a typical day. I've been pulling a lot of classes due to lack of instructors. I've been trying to train for a triathalon that takes place on 5/27 (yikes!). I'm also taking Li'l Sister to PT 2x a week. We always have a good laugh together. End of school year activities have been double booked, one in middle and one in high. The end is near, thank goodness.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day!

This is my Mom and my babies. A day to spend with family. Church and lunch with my Mom, home with my prince and princesses, a nap, some cake, no obgligations, just us. Posted by Picasa

Note the lovely corsage mi Madre is wearing, tutorial courtesy of Molly Chicken.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Sometimes You just gotta say it!


Warning! This post contains the "F" word! If you find it offensive, don't read. If you do read, it's all in good humor.

Sometimes you just gotta say when you almost catch the kitchen on fire. "Mom, you just said the "F" word!". Or maybe when you are on a sheet of solid ice, on a hill, in a lousy pick up truck, and you start sliding down...."F!" Or maybe when your only positions are standing and laying on your side or stomach and you want to sit..."F!". Or maybe you use it when you start cleaning your studio to start a project for a paying customer "... and the resultant rebound in the opposite direction” sends you reeling! (courtesy of whiplash). Or when you leave the opening at the top of the pillow (WTF was I thinking?!). My sister and I had been laughing this week at Subversive Cross Stitch and coming up with our own. We loved the surly attitudes with the lovely bunnies or hearts. Had us cracking up! For some reason, this project just came to my head as I was preparing to make something else. I just said "f... it!" and ran with it. It fits many categories, the surly theme(week 2 of whiplash), use what you have (I used a small piece of an antique linen throw that a dog had destroyed and leftover yarn from other projects) and of course this weeks theme for whiplash, which is yarn. The yarn is needlefelted, freeform, onto the linen, then stitched into a pillow. This is for my sister who is the one who can't sit, no how, no way.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

They're Here!

Check out my blocks from the Block Swap!!(must envision me doing the cabbage patch dance) Posted by Picasa

Beaded flowers

A nice picture for spring. These are various bottles collected from various places, but what's really special are the beaded flowers made by my Great Grandma, or Gram as we used to call her. They stay on my window sill all year long, and yes, I do gently clean them twice a year. . Posted by Picasa

Friday, May 05, 2006

Too blah to blog

It's been an extremely busy week. I've put in extra classes and extra duties. I've been out of sorts. I think it's on it's way out. This is the final weekend of West Side Story which I'm very excited about. We will have an open house again tonight and tomorrow night before each show (we did it last weekend too, with people coming from all areas). Tomorrow is the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. How exciting is that?! Oh yeah! That'll lift anyone out of their fog. I'll be back in full force tomorrow.