Monday, July 29, 2013


Today My Handsome Prince had his blood drawn at the Tunnel Cancer Center. We probably waited an hour. We talked about how much of our time is spent just waiting as it is for most cancer patients. While we have found staff at both facilities to be kind, compassionate, competent and above, I wonder if they think about this precious time. Every minute is precious and can not be given back. We had a lovely weekend with Emma and Chris with no agenda. Time was on our side with plenty of lounging by the pool, movies and good eats. Sunday it was back to work for me. There is a large group of 64 for the week. Time will be scarce for me this week.

All levels are good for my man so they are ready to knock him back down. Already got the phone call that they will be ready for him tomorrow. Lets hope not. Pat's sister and Mom are heading this way and they don't get out here very often. Again, we need that time, they need that time.  But...I am anxious to see my Audrey.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Holy Frijoles, it's Friday!

We are a family that believes no news is good news. When I don't write, it's one of two things, no news or I am too bitchy and bitter to write something that won't upset someone, including me or My Handsome Prince. The last few days have actually been a bit of both.

Pat was finally released from Beebe on Wednesday.  His counts were not rising fast enough so several neupogen boosts were given and even a couple bags of platelets were needed. Wednesday morning the staff at Beebe was happy with his blood labs and told him he was good to go. We came home, re packed our already packed bags and hit the road for Baltimore. Emma and I had plans to see some good music, Audrey and Pat had plans to watch movies and hang out. The docs said it was ok so that's what we did.  Great concert, bad movie a good nights rest and we came home on Thursday mid  afternoon. We needed it.

His hair follicles are beginning to hurt and he can pull his hair out of his head, face and chest. Emma buzzed his head to avoid clumps in the shower. Other than that, he is feeling good. A communication with his Hopkins oncologist said that if his blood counts look normal on Monday, they'll hit him again next week :-( 

The light is there it just needs to shine a bit brighter.

Monday, July 22, 2013


It looks as if we are spending my week off vacationing in Lewes Delaware. While it is our favorite place, Beebe is not quite what we had in mind. Today's report is better but not quite there. My Handsome Prince's neutrophils are just not reproducing enough. They gave him a boost shot last night which brought the count up slightly and will probably give another this evening. His platelets are low too so that may be on the menu also. He is feeling better, looking better and smelling better (he cleaned up today). We walked the hospital wing a couple times, watched some Andy, felt slightly sorry for ourselves and got over it. Release is most likely going to happen on Wednesday or Thursday.

Saturday, July 20, 2013


It's Saturday and we are attempting a semblance of normal by listening to Car Talk which is something we have done on Saturday mornings since we got married, I think. But the difference today is we are sitting in a room in Beebe Medical Center. Or maybe that is the norm? Late in the evening last night, My Handsome Prince developed a fever. I made the phone calls to Hopkins, sent the emails to Hopkins, sent the text messages to family, while he packed his overnight bag, primarily packed. As a side note, we both keep a bag packed with our hospital necessities. Both have very different items. We were advised to go to the local ED while Hopkins informed them of our arrival. The usual cultures and counts taken, there was no question of his admission as his neutrophil count was one. Yes, one lonely neutrophil.  And this is where we are, waiting for those neutrophils to reproduce, while the antibiotics ward off the evils of even the simplest bacteria.
This afternoon began my week of time off from work. I worked last week even while in Baltimore, placing orders, fielding phone calls and emails. I was looking forward to a sunset paddle tonight, some real chilling with my Man, some beach time, some real time off.  They have been somewhat thwarted. Instead my time will be filled with knitting and podcasts and watching someone sleep.  And maybe I will walk to Lewes Bake Shop for a cappuccino and goodie. Yep that's a good thing.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Another birthday. Our baby turned 21. Officially we are parents of adults now but it has been evident for some time. But Audrey? 21?! We decided to celebrate somewhat locally to Mt. Washington just in case and went to Woodberry Kitchen. What a lovely place in a very cool area! We were greeted with glasses and a bottle of Prosecco compliments of my Sissy. Such a surprise and a treat! We enjoyed dressing up, being out, conversation and presents. All too soon, it ended as My Handsome Prince experienced a wave of sickness and I immediately took him home. The restaurant was quick in packing up my dinner (it was just coming to the table) and we were off. The girls and their manses stayed, enjoyed their dinners and got special desserts from Woodberry in honor of the day. Just before midnight they texted and were on their way to the tavern and did I want to meet for one last, quick drink? I walked down the hill and we ended the evening very low key. Though the birthdays were not what we may have wanted or expected! they were both special because we were all together for them for the first time in a long while. 
My Handsome Prince is feeling fine this morning. We are heading home today. Time for him to isolate himself for a few days, time for me to work for a few days. As usual, we will miss our girls. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

They Say it's Your Birthday!

Chemotherapy over for this round, it's time to party! My handsome Prince endured the typical 3, 24 hour bags of chemo drugs along with an additional short release one, and finished just in time to celebrate his own birthday! He will gladly tell you he turned shfifty five. The girls and their manses came over for dinner, presents, cake and ice cream.  Today has been a very, very low key day. We are without television and have only intermittent Internet. I am heading to an aqua zumba class at Emma's pool tonight. Tomorrow is a marathon appointment day at Hopkins and hopefully all will be well to head home to Delaware on Wednesday. Oh and we have another birthday to celebrate tomorrow! Our Audge is 21! How in the world did that happen?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

And So it Begins Again

We arrived in Baltimore on Wednesday for yet another check in with the Orthopedic oncologist. When we were here last, three weeks ago, he did not think My Handsome Prince was ready to begin the chemotherapy regime but he did remove all the staples from the incision. This time around there were a few stitches still in place that needed to be removed along with needing the final ok to begin chemotherapy.  Stitches out, ok granted, and he had himself a room in a familiar place and actually was greeted with a hug from one of the nurses. Chemotherapy began at 1am this morning and it has been extended to 4 continuous days instead of 3.
Before getting the room, wandering the halls of outpatient, Zayed, and Weinberg, we saw so many familiar faces. We also realized that it has been 6 months we have been visiting on a regular 
Onward we move.