Sunday, February 28, 2010

Alabama Stitch

A laundry basket full of old t shirts, both Alabama Stitch books, an hour sorting through to determine the project and the colors, and I have the makings for my first bandana.    I wonder if I can get four of these done by mid June for my lovely Czech girls to wear in the kitchen.  Although I have tons of t shirts, this really does take two extra large shrits so I might be taking a trip to the thrift store this week as a lot of my shirts are kids, perfect for my rugs.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mindful Knitting

My heart aches and so I knit.  I knit a birthday present for my oldest.  Into the gift I knit the wish that she has the knowledge and comfort of knowing she is not alone and that she is loved.  I knit the wish that she forgive those who hurt her even though they choose not to forgive her for her wrongs. I knit the desire for healthy, mature relationships and growth. I knit for kindness, compassion, and understanding, that they be qualities she practice and that they be reflected back onto her. I knit happiness and sparkle into the garment with the hope that she will shine when she wears it.  And I knit my embrace into it, that my arms always be enveloped around her while she wears it with the hopes that she embrace what life gives her.  I also knit for myself.  The repetitive knit pearl rib allows me to also pray for patience and the ability to be Confidant and Mother.  I also knit to forgive, for I think a Mother's forgiveness is more difficult to come by.  I am quick to defend and slow to forgive so I knit for understanding and love, that it be granted to me, to her father, to her sister, to her, and to others.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Today, the dogs and I took a before breakfast walk.  A long one and the first one in a long time.  Since the big snow.   The sun was shining, temperatures were rising, and things were thawing.  It felt good.  I was not the only one who felt this way.   Honey was having more fun than she would chasing a squirrel.  There was a gentleman outside who went out of his way to say good morning and chat about the weather.  I'm glad it's over, hopefully, but can't help think fondly on it also.  So I leave these as evidence of the time passed when it snowed in a place that doesn't get much snow.
Luckily, the girls arrived the evening before the first snow, so we woke to the dusting and went to breakfast.
There was much snuggling
and snoozing

 a project started, the gutting of the bathroom

A Beatles Rockband tour
Puppy love

Difficulties finding a spot, so a spot was made
And more snoozing after all the shovelling. 
Snow on the beach. 
The girls were able to make their way home safely and we were done, until the next forecast was made.

In preparation of the next storm, recipe courtesy of Pioneer Woman
Shift sleeping and an unmade bed for a week.  The National Guard was called into duty and My Handsome Prince worked nights and slept days (while I shovelled)

I alternated my time between sewing, knitting, cooking and shovelling.  The Wurm hat I made to keep my head warm and prevent my head from looking lumpy while wearing a hat.
The lounge pants I made from fabric and trim I had.  I figured if I was going to stay inside for a week, I'd make some comfy cool pants.  Because of the pans of cinnamon rolls and other cooking and baking, I couldn't get my fat arse into them and they became Audrey's, who said they were cute and dorky.  Cool, dorky, same thing right?

Use what you have cooking, diced tomatoes, italian sausage, pasta, cheese, and wine, along with the Artisan bread dough in the fridge.  It pays to have that dough constantly going in the fridge.
I love almond flavoring and made this cake.  Glaze not necessary.
And more snow
By the time storm three hit, forget it.  I did not take any photos except this one
Let us out!!

Sunday, February 07, 2010


There is something so completely satisfying about wearing a garment made with your own two hands, a couple of sticks and some string. 

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Domestic Bliss


I woke up, walked the dogs, showered and did a load of laundy

I spoke with my daughter and my sister, twice at least

I knit and listened to music

I had a bowl of wonderful chicken tortilla soup for lunch with crunchy fritos on top

I made 7 pans of cinnamon rolls, baked one, froze the rest and washed up the mess

I went to Body Pump class, came home got in the hot tub, had another bowl of healthy chicken tortilla soup, and an ice cold beer

My Handsome Prince came home, we watched a bad movie, I finished my knitting project, I read and lights out