Monday, June 18, 2012

The Annual Trek

When we were looking at houses in Delaware, we considered Lewes but the girls said No! It's magical and if you move there it might lose its magic. So we are where we are and we still make the short trek to Cape Henlopen for our family camping trip.  It's still magical and I love living so close that I can go any day of the week, even though I don't.  I hope to head back this week for a paddle on the bay with the dolphins.
This week though:

The two of us took two cars, two kayaks, 12 chairs, 4 bikes, one paddleboard, one dog and a pop up that sleeps 6 people and 3 dogs fairly well.
 Li'l Sis and boys joined us for a day but spent the night at our house (see! close enough!)

Audge and Noah joined us Monday night
A new family joined us, My Handsome Prince's cousin, her man and children.  We grafittied their reservation, how could we not?
We played a little in the dunes
We coveted this camper (it matched the truck perfectly!) and posed it as if it were towing, and yes, we had permission.
I had a partner in crime though we never made it to the LYS.  I will be picking bits of pine out of my baktus scarf forever.

Some snoozed
Emma, Chris and Apple Sunshine arrived Thursday and completed our gang
We cooked over the fire

 We took fun family portraits, played games, climbed the observation tower, walked, walked, walked, had a mini shower off, shoppy shoped in town,  braved the beach several times despite the wind, and made the trip to DQ only once

And ended on Father's Day out on our deck, freshly showered, smelling sweet, grillin' and chillin'

And for the record, Lola enjoyed her first camping trip.

Friday, February 03, 2012

This Moment

Following SouleMama I have decided to start Fridays - This Moment, capturing a moment from my week to savor and share.  No words.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Walking, Walking

When the girls were little and learning to walk we used to sing the Hap Palmer Walking Song.
Walking, Walking, Walking, Walking
Seems so easy now
I remember when I was small
And did not know how
We still sing this. We sing about everything, we occasionally quote movies and always talk for our dog. Silly stuff that continuously amuses us. Anyway, I recently got a smart phone and finally remembered (and figured out how) to download a pedometer app.  Honey and I walk almost everyday in my off season and I've been wanting to know how far we walk.  Well now I know how far, how fast, how many calories and how many steps.  Keep in mind we do take time for visits with friends like Rudder aka Runner who is usually in lock down because of his nick name but also lounges on the trampoline and watches for us when he is out on good behavior.

Todays walk: 1.3 miles, 19 minutes, 113.6 calories, 2,864 steps.

My phone also has a GPS so I can use for my rides.  Oh hello technology.

Friday, January 06, 2012

One for Li'l Lo

First sweater of 2012.  Yes, it's for a dog. Yes, it's luscious malabrigo. But isn't she/it cute?