Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween, Medusa Style

Sunday morning, annual camping weekend, after a full day of rain, My Handsome Prince, puttering around in the camper, making coffee. I sit up in bed. He says "Don't move!" Of course, it is morning, and cold, so I don't. He grabs the camera. "I just have to capture this, it's too good!"

Monday morning, on the phone with my little sister, relaying the hair game story. She was at a party Saturday night, big, big hair, someone touches it "It's not a wig! It's real!" Laughter and luck, for we have husbands who not only tolerate our hair game but appreciate it. We married well.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Beauty in the Mundane

I think the Shutter Sisters posted a theme recently of finding beauty in the mundane. Usually, I'm pretty good at this. Right now, I suck. I am having difficulty finding beauty in the mundane. I am struggling with school, speed reading, memorizing, not learning, except math (thank you Diane). You know those comcast commercials? If only it really worked instead of just feeling like you are in hyperdrive. I finished writing a half assed abstract today, am planning my time at work to include reading a chapter - taking notes, and staying up late to do same. Tomorrow morning will be another chapter, another subject. I have five papers due this week and an exam all in the same subject, and no, contrary to popular belief, I have not procrastinated. This online exercise science class is killing me. Tons of reading, a quiz every week, plus a website to peruse and a discussion board to contribute to. I feel like I have to know it all so consequently try to memorize rather than learn. The real killer is that I would love this class in lecture style. Live and learn.

So needing some comfort, I am baking cookies. I will win the heart of my daughter who will come home to dinner ready and warm cookies and then I will go to work. The cookies will not help my weight issue but they will warm my heart, taste good, and make me feel like a good Mom.

The act of baking cookies - beautiful.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

A Big Day

My Father celebrated his 71st birthday by a sleepless night, worrying about taking a pill with a swallow of water, because his gift to himself was a total knee replacement in the morning. Actually, he says its Medicaire's gift to him. I spent maybe 5 minutes with him before they took him to prep him for surgery, assuring us it would be less than an hour then we would be able to see him. More than an hour and a half later, my sister, her son, and our minister and friend Rick were escorted in. Each of us had the day scheduled so a quick prayer was said, kisses and hugs all around and promises of calls and visits. Rachel had a son to pick up from pre-school, Rick had another visit, and I had to pick up the catering trays for...

The promotion ceremony for Sergeant Major, aka My Handsome Prince. His promotion finally, finally, finally came through and so we had a shindig. There are only 10 Sergeant Major positions in the state of Maryland and now my man is one of them. It's quite an accomplishment. Words were said, orders read, and I had the privaledge of ripping off one patch and placing on another (ahh, the magic of velcro!).
A big day. A good day.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Monday my sister called, she was about to lose it. Today was my day. We spoke briefly yesterday, me talking about the pain in my neck, she grinding her teeth, both agreeing there is something wrong with us. Again the phrase, somethings gotta give, but what? I gave up 3 cycle classes a week and it's not enough. This morning, arriving at work to teach my last morning cycle class, no one shows and I lose my car keys. I could feel the tears welling in the back of my eyes, my throat tight, bemoaning my karma. I walked out and there on the front counter of the YMCA were my keys. That's when I realized my karma was excellent! No one showed for class so I could, of all things, go to the dump to get rid of the countertop that's been in the back of my truck for several days. I lost my keys but someone found them. I had two tests today and while these things didn't improve my ability to excel, my mood was certainly lifted (but I still do not like my math lab and will not repeat on the world wide web what I say about it every Wednesday). I have made my post for my online class and will write my spanish speech while watching a movie with the Sergeant Major. I'm starting to catch up rather than back track. See? Karma.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

It's Not the Grade, it's the Learning

I received my first poor grade, a C. It just about killed me, the overachiever I am. I studied hard, too. But, I studied wrong. Now I know. And that is what it is about. It's about learning, learning the material, learning how to adapt to each instructor, each class, learning how to balance work, school, home. It is early this morning and I my morning will be spent watching an instructional DVD on polynomials, not the most interesting subject, but I want to understand. I will then read a magazine article in Spanish, not something I am very capable of, but I want to understand. I will go to work, go to school, drive with Audrey. Then I have to decide, yoga, paint, knit or more homework. Because that will be the end of my day, so full, so short.
Don't you just love my new countertop? My old one was black laminate. I just caress my hand down this one.
BTW, I got a C in....Exercise Science of all things.