Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Shawl Love

I bought this yarn before he got sick.  After he died, I wanted some mindless, therapy, self centered knitting.  After all, it was just Christmas and there was some gift knitting.  After I cast on, I realized the color of the shawl was similar to the brown in his coat.  So I've named this after him. 

He was an original dog, kind of odd looking, handsome in his own way.  Years ago, when he was a young dog, we were out walking him.  A woman stopped us, commented on how handsome he was and said, word for word "He's got the colorings of a small dog" . What the hell does that mean? We haven't stopped laughing since! 

Anyway, I present, Colorings of a Small Shawl, warm, comforting to the heart and body.  I am just loving this. sigh. 

Monday, January 17, 2011

Top 10 in 2010

I've played this game before but it seems right to play again because of the year.  In this instance, top 10 does not mean the best, just the most significant events of the year.  So in no particular order, the Top 10 in 2010:
Gus, Gustopher Walter, Handsome Rob, Leroy, Buddy Boy left us on 12/20/2010.  He had the colorings of a small dog, Marty Feldman eyes, and a bark the hurt his own ears. 

Reunited with an old friend.  I have a photo of us when I was three and she was four, which I framed and gave to her upon her visit.  The visit was much more than I could have asked for and our conversation flowed as we filled in the blanks of over 20 years.  My turn to go visit her in 2011.  Okay with you, Lisa?

My Czech Angels with whom I spent many days, many hours. Can you tell what I gave them as a going away gift? Lovely girls.

The look of surprise and delight at the end of his show when I handed Anders Osborne his gift, then the enormous smile and a hug and kiss. 

Snow, snow and more snow.  Ugh.

A visit to Oakland MD, to my friend Randee, food for the soul.

My Handsome Prince and I celebrated 25 years together by taking the ferry across to Cape May to ride bikes, shop, eat out and do nothing.  Perfect.

The absence of my daughters in my daily life.  While EG has been gone for several years, Audrey left this year to pursue another college option.  I miss their giggles and bad tv.

Drinking micro brews and knitting took over my social life.  Thursday nights and monthly beer dinners at Dogfish gave us an unexpected community of people.  There was also the occasional visit to Evo or Pickled Pig for something other than DFH.  A different group to knit with every week and portable knitting allowed me to eat, drink, think, and dream knitting.

My Handsome Prince's brother died leaving a void in many lives.  We were able to surround his hospital bed, cramped into an ICU cubicle to tell him stories and sing him songs, caress him and tell him goodbye.  His memorial service a month later was packed with people, good stories with laughter and tears.  For Christmas, wondering how to deal with his absence, we gathered in his room, hooked up Beatles Rockband, and sang our hearts out to Billy.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the near mental breakdown I had over the summer dealing with a most difficult person.  That's all I'm going to say on that.

And of course, my job, which all but consumed me 4 months of the year, it made me laugh and it made me cry, tried my patience,  and fulfilled me. 

Okay, so it's the top 12 in 2010.  I can't count.  It was a year of challenges, adjustments, laughter, joy, music, dancing, creativity, tears, loss,  just life.   And so it continues.