Friday, March 30, 2007

To Do Today

I had a long list of things to do today. Instead, I slept in until 7, taught a killer cycle class, and came home and cleaned out my truck while Emma cleaned out her car. The day is bright and the time was right. Plus, her car was TRASHED! Mine is so small it doesn't take much to trash it or clean it. I guess now I'll tackle the long list.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Prom Night

That's what some of the soldiers call it. At a promotion ceremony I attended yesterday, the buzz was "Are you going to prom?" "See you tomorrow at the prom." So that is where we are going tonight. Last year we took social dancing lessons to prepare for this event, only to discover there really wasn't an opportunity to use what we learned. No foxtrots, no swing, and just some minor slow dancing. I've practiced this week and I'm sure I'll get the Handsome Prince to dance with me after a couple drinks. Recently a note went home from the high school about inappropriate dancing. That's what we should have learned, dirty dancing. teehee. What a scene we would make.

We had a great time! I felt beautiful, my Handsome Prince was, of course, Handsome. We danced a lot. Even got a foxtrot in there. We did see a couple doing the dirty dancing thing. They were good! There is definitely something about couples who dance together regularly. There is rhythm, intimate knowledge of each others bodies and how they move. There was a couple at New Orleans Jazz Fest that had a bizarre dance that did with each other with hops, head ducking, etc. We saw them 2 years in a row. You couldn't help but notice them. They had been dancing like this forever and felt comfortable. Maybe we'll get there someday.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Heart for Sunshine

I have not made it to the post office. Sorry Sunshine! But your heart has been finished for quite some time. My neighbor loved it. It is needle felted roving onto off white wool. I love the heart you made for me and will treasure it for I know what is behind it. I know about keeping the hands busy while the head and heart worry. I'm getting back into my creative groove.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Everyday Inspiration

Some time ago, I had been tasked with a 6 week Adult Sunday school session on Everyday Inspiration. I wish I had taken it more seriously, but typical to my nature, I procrastinated. I should have done more research on line and in the blog world because I know there is a wealth of information, ideas, and opinions. . Anyway, I didn't. Let this be a lesson. We are focusing on passions, hobbies, and professions. Exploring the relationship between our spiritual life and our creative life. How we are inspired, inspire others, how the spirit moves within us, around us, and through us and our creativity. If you have any definite thoughts on the matter, leave me a comment. This will be going on for 6 weeks and can always use new ideas and material.

Today was our first presentation. She was a painter from our congregation. She spoke of creating, and how it truly is the spirit within her. She had examples of her work, inspired some conversation on paintings, and gave us a little watercolor lesson. It went well, though not exactly what I had in mind. I have five more presenters that I can coach. I have it pretty well lined up. This week was a painter, next week - a carpenter. From there on I have a teacher who runs a one room schoolhouse in Baltimore, a quilt artist, a photographer, and an ordinary, elderly woman who has lived her life to the Glory of God.

So, let me ask these questions:
What do you create? When do you create? Same time everyday? every week? How does it make you feel? Excited, calm, peaceful, agitated? What does it give to you? How do you give back? Do you have a spiritual connection to your creativity? What inspires you? Do you have stories or quotes that inspire you? Feel free to pose your own questions or answer other questions. Thanks.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Project Day

Today was supposed to be project day at my sister's house. She invited some people over to work on whatever they had to work on. I have a heart for Sunshine I needed to work on. Well, after 3 beautiful spring days, we got snow and ice today, plus a nasty headcold. I stayed home, from work and project day. I snoozed, watched "The Holiday" (I sure do like that Jude Law. Who can forget that expression when Inman finally finds his way to Ada. ) and got a much needed mental/physical health day, so all is not lost.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Spring Fever

Gus must have gotten spring fever today. He r-u-n-n-o-f-t! (Remember Oh Brother Where Art thou?) I looked for this dog for 3 hours! The first hour, I wasn't concerned. By the second hour, I was getting a little concerned. After all, he is no spring chicken and he had surgery on his leg last year. I was terrified he would run till he couldn't run anymore, or get confused, or hit, or anything! I walked the farms and yards, I drove down driveways, both of which can be scary around here. There are peope with NO TRESPASSING signs and shotguns. I discovered things in my neighborhood that I had no idea existed. And my neighbors in back are pigs! Anyway, the buddy boy had taken up with a much younger Rottie and by the time I found them (and they had covered miles) they were hanging by the pen of two chows. He must have had to prove himself still manly after hanging with a princess chihuahua. He was a little worse for wear, so I have him a Rimadyl, called him a shithead, and burst into tears. How was your day?

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Apple Sunshine

Sounds like a hippie name, doesn't it? It's the name of Emma's new best friend. Someone who won't stand her up for breakfast, who will keep the weekend free for her that has been planned for months, who will always be happy to see her. It's been a tough change for Emma, hopefully this new someone will make things a bit brighter.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Calculated Acts of Kindness

Africankelli is starting this up. I believe this is her second year. This is something I try to do but am not always regular. I want my kindness to reach to those I do not know. I really try to be a cheerful, helpful person at the Y all the time. I see all kinds of people everyday. I smile and say hello. Occassionally, I'm approached by someone I don't know who feels they can tell me something. I listen and we go our separate ways. Lately, I've not been putting myself out there too much, so it's a perfect opportunity to participate in CAOK. I bought a card for a fellow PT patient, whom I don't know or speak to, but I know is having a particularly bad time. In watching her, watching My Handsome Prince, and Lil' Sister, I want her to know that this, too, shall pass. I hope it gives her a little boost. I've also sent my sister a little boost which will arrive tomorrow. She's the best!