Monday, April 21, 2014


It was a lovely weekend, a lovely day, like old times. The only thing missing was church (well, and other family members) and that's not due to lack of faith, belief or desire. It just happens that way when the whole gang is visiting.  We hung out, played games, cooked delicious food, drank good beer and just rejoiced in our time together, in good health, rejoiced for future events and I know a few of us rejoiced for the risen one.

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Today I am 50

And I am genuinely content, satisfied, dare I say I? Happy. I have made significant changes in my life the last several months. I have discovered things about myself this year and drawn on an inner strength that I did not know existed. I have loved the man in my life so fiercely and protectively and he is still here with me, 28 years and still counting. My girls are both in good places in their lives, though not without challenges, and have faced their Daddy's illness with such grace and strength that I am brought to my knees.  I have  renewed friendships and really made some genuine ones here in Delaware. I have developed my knitting to a higher level and it has brought me so much peace, meditation. One year ago, I was crying in the shower, dreading the day. It was the day we were to visit the medical oncologist and get the schedule of treatment. And afterwards, dreading dinner out, something I usually thoroughly enjoy and anticipate, making nice after receiving who knows what kind of news.  It was not the way I wanted to celebrate my birthday and yet, I survived the day. And look, I survived the year, on top. Happy Birthday to me. This year, My Handsome Prince threw a party for me like no other. Today, it's been a day spent with my Maminka, who came over for breakfast in the morning (another joy, that we can do that), an incredible post from my Sissy, another from my eldest and a phone call from the youngest and my father, knitting, working out, being serenaded by my trainer and her daughters (another reason to love her), knitting, snuggling with my Little man, and best of all chillin' with My Handsome Prince, making plans, watching movies and just being us. And here I am full of attitude for what's to come, for I know that I am in the moment with my contentment and there are challenges ahead.

The Rest of the Story

Remember this post? Well, I knit the hat, packaged it in a little gift bag and managed to stand at the front of the stage at DFH while my favorite musician, Anders Osborne, performed. I was close enough to smell his spearmint gum and felt like a little girl holding this package, all nervous to present it. At the end of his set, he exited  and everyone cheered for his encore. Before he began, I lifted up my bag, and with a tilt of his head, a surprised look on his face he said "for me?" And I nodded. The joy and smile on his face was perfect. I gave a gift, no expectations, and the response was genuine.
But wait, there is more.
This year, during a morning check in on my iPad, I came across a photo in my Facebook news feed and exclaimed "No way!"  I turned the screen around to show My Handsome Prince and he knew right away. He said, with some pride in his voice," He's wearing your hat". A professional photo of Anders Osborne performing, wearing the hat I knit for him. How cool is that? I saved the photo to my album and that was the end of that.
But wait, there is more.
My handsome Prince planned a party for my 50th birthday. It was at our favorite pub, the same place where Anders performed, the place where we have found our community of people, the place that we look forward to going every single week.  Family and friends from near and far joined us and it was a great evening. At one point, MHP wanted me to open the gift from him, a large package wrapped in brown craft paper. As I opened, I laughed. It was a photo of Anders, focused on his guitar, wearing my hat. It was signed, Dana, thanks for the hat, Anders. And I laughed again. Just call me knitter to a rock star! 
And now you know the rest of the story.