Thursday, April 22, 2010

Look Who Came Out to Play Today

I'd forgotten how wonderful she is, how smooth, how fast, how sleek.  We are both ready for some serious time together this season.  Whoa Black Betty, bam-a-lam!

Poor thing does need a bath.

Random Thoughts

The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival starts tomorrow.  I want to go so bad I can feel it from my head to my toes.  I spend my days listening to Galactic, Anders Osborne, Eric Lindell,  Bonerama, Glenn David Andrews, and compilations of various New Orleans artists.  I want to:
  • Be revived at the Gospel Tent

  • See Old Crow at the Fais do do
  • Watch my friend Anders give good face (I listen to him so much I consider him my friend)
  • Eat a simple Po' boy
  • Dance, dance, dance

            • Smell sweat, sunscreen and stale beer
            • Hear "somebody scream y'all"
            • Revel in the street scene

            • Buy a belt buckle, though I have a great one, I still long for the one that said "I like everyone" on the front and "except you" on the inside where no one else could see (yes, there are times)
            • Find that new artist that rocks my socks who I will listen to all year
            • Really learn to two step to zydeco
            • Rockin' horns
            • Oh to be a Festin' Dawlin' again
            I will go next year.  There is no doubt.  Ozomatli will have to cure some of my aches.  They are coming to Baltimore on Tuesday and we will cross the bridge. 

            Photos from last years journey.

            Tuesday, April 20, 2010

            A Perfect Day

            Yesterday was a perfect day.  Everyone woke leisurely without sleeping the day away.  We had egg sandwiches.  Who doesn't love an egg sandwich?  We took the dogs for a walk.  Then we went to the beach. 

            It was sunny, breezy, warm and lovely on the beach.  Apple Sunshine ran all over the place,

            the girls played dominos and snoozed,

            My Handsome Prince snoozed and read,

            I read and knit.   I am working on an Anthropologie Inspired Capelet for Audrey and started reading The Help.

            After a few hours it was time to go home.  Shrimp salad sandwiches for an early dinner/late lunch, the girls packed up and headed back to Baltimore,  a great Zumba class for me, end it with a pint of 90 minute IPA, a dip in the hot tub and Jack Bauer.  Tuesday can not even compete with Monday.

            Thursday, April 15, 2010

            I've Got Friends In All The Right Places

            As usual, I struggle with balance.  Finding the balance of making our place here on the eastern shore and crossing the bridge to be with those we know and love.  Easter was especially hard as we chose to go camping, without our girls, with new friends.  I was saddened yet joyful when I received the annual photo of the cousins. 

            Over the past few weeks, though.  I realize there is some balance being achieved.  We've had a revolving door of visitors, coming out for various spring breaks despite the unpredictable weather.  They were coming out to see us.  Monday evening, upon entering the gym after an absence of a week or so, I was greeted by name by several.  I now have a gym community, which of course inspires me to go.  Tuesday, I was sought out by a local friend, who came into the Conference Center to visit and who consequently bought and brought me coneflowers.  Yesterday a new friend came from Salisbury to sit and knit in my office amidst phone calls and guiding visitors and I received a signed autographed copy of this book.

            I have friends here and there and in all the right places.  Right where they are supposed to be.

            Tuesday, April 13, 2010

            List #1

            Things that will keep me sane this season
            • Cardio - a must
            • Monthly massage
            • Social knitting
            • Stay in contact with family and friends, new and old, near and far, they are my support
            • Thursday nights with My Handsome Prince
            • Hire a cook
            • One day off a week, at least
            • Go to the beach
            I'll add to this list as time goes on.  I consumed myself with work last season.  This season has already started out differently so if I concentrate on balance, all will be well.

            Thursday, April 08, 2010

            Disrupted Rhythym

            Already there is a rhythym to our days.  Our days together and my days alone.  It is much quieter and we don't always fill it with talk.  Evenings, we settle in, each in our own space.  There are certain things that happen every day, such as long walks with the dogs, laundry, and knitting.  There are certain things that happen every week, out for dinner or a beer, church.  We are adjusting and it is good.

            Our little bit of rhythym was disrupted.  Our girls came Friday, bursting through the door with tight and extra long embraces, an extra dog, bearing birthday gifts from my family and a pan of cinnamon rolls which went promptly in the oven.  The next morning we awoke to the beginnings of a snow storm.  We walked to breakfast at the local cafe

            We played Rockband

            We snoozed

            We lived as family.  And just as quickly, they left. We shovelled snow, we made a small dinner, and back to our spaces with a movie, me knitting, him with the dogs.