Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I've received several reminders that I have not posted in a while. So, I share with you some random stories.

I have finished my first semester of college at the age of 44. For 18 weeks, I went to class twice a week, conversed with people, gained knowledge, watched people, and just in a matter of seconds at the end of an exam it was over. How anticlimactic. I was depressed. Nobody said goodbye to each other, no end of school year picnic or party, no hugs or promises to get together. In the end we influenced each other's lives, teachers and students, and will probably not acknowledge each other should we see each other in town or in the fall (it's already happened). Although I have already been in touch via email with my teachers, my fellow students could care less it seems. On another school note, profe S emailed me and told me I got the highest exam score out of two spanish 101 sections. I received a perfect grade on my phys. ed. exam, and an A on my health exam final paper. I'm most happy.
We spent a wonderful Memorial Day weekend at the shore, yes, shore. My Handsome Prince had a scan on Friday morning and the results were good, no change, no tumors, just scar tissue. He must go back in 3 months for another scan then can probably wait 6 months between scans. Yes! We finished moving Emma out of her apartment and down to the shore. MHP and Emma left for the shore and I went back home to wait for kids. Audrey is now taking drivers ed with her friend Crystal and they didn't finish until 6pm. So, at 6pm with 3 teenagers in the car, all 3 dogs (old man Gus made the trip just fine), the camper attached with 3 bikes on its roof, and two kayaks on the gas guzzling Expedition, we set off. I had some good karma with me that day, and made the trip across the bridge with no traffic and no problems.
It was a weekend full of Rockband,

Wii, walks,

dogs, kids, movies, swimming,

Note that we are the only crazy people in the ocean. When you have your own pool you just gotta jump in! With my own pool, I have my own pool boy too, granted he is approaching 50 but he's rather handsome.
Life is still busy but with different things. I spent one day matching socks and watching a movie. I'm frustrated with the state of my house, Emma's stuff is back in, extra furniture for the shore house, and then I just collect stuff. I'm doing a bit of gardening, here and there (literally here and shore). So that's the state of things. It's time to revisit my lists, summer, new years, and birthday and figure out what I've done, what I no longer want to do, and what I want to add.
Rest assured, I'm still here.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Committment Letter

For my final exam paper in Health, I had to identify 4 health risks, write about them, make recommendations for change, find social support, and make a comittment. In the end I am supposed to write a letter to myself and put it in a SASE for my teacher to mail back to me in a months time. I am not going to do that. I will write my letter here so it will be a reminder to me, always, as to what was important at this time. But I will write in list form.

Number 1 - I will be kind to my body, listen to it when it complains, take care of it, prevent or detect injuries and illnesses by self examinations, continue my monthly massages, schedule my annual exams, adjust my exercises to my age and my ability at each turn in my journey

Number 2 - I will seek moderation, in food, in drink, in exercise, in expectations

Number 3 - I will look in history for risks and try not to let history repeat itself. I will make that history known to my family so they, too, can be aware.

Number 3 - I will take care of my skin, avoid too much exposure, educate my children.

I know that these comittments will not be easy. This will remind me of the education I received on certain risks and as a reminder of making adjustments to our lives to reduce our risks. We have a certain amount of control. Thanks Mary.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


School has been great. And yes, I will continue in the Fall, 3 more classes, this time a math, spanish again, and an online health class. Of course all of this balances on whether these classes are still available. While I have loved the whole education thing, I have been pinning for some handwork, some creativity, a project, start something new or finish something old. My gumdrop wreath has been on the kitchen table since before Christmas along with the pom pom garland. Sometimes I make the mistake of blog hopping, finding wonderful projects only to never find them again. So, a list has begun.

I want to make one of these. I can just imagine wearing it in the fall, still warm, walking along the beach. Oh yeah.

Today I will look for plants for one of these. I have some wonderful glass jars with lids I bought at Target a couple years ago.

I have 5 of these jars left so here is another project for which I will be asking help, so put your thinking caps on.

Oh, there is more. I have fiber 10 ATC's to make for a swap, bird themed. I've got my idea, torn between a peace dove or inspiration from The Be Good Tanyas "The Littlest Birds Sing the Prettiest Songs". Projects to finish, projects to start. It won't be long now.

What are your creative desires?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Kimberly - Healing thoughts headed your way. I miss you in class.

The Dinner Club Ladies - Thank you so much for all the little surprises you left in the house. We arrived at the shore house and found flamingos strategically placed in several spots, new glasses, silverware, kitchen towels, blankets, and a lovely guest book along with a generous check to be used for the house. I know I discovered more but there were so many little surprises it's hard to remember. Thank you so much. It's lovely to receive unexpected gifts. I'm happy you enjoyed yourselves at the house.

My Professors at school - Wow! The semester is over, or nearly. Thank you to my teachers who made this transition a wonderful, achievable, goal. Work was challenging without being overwhelming, okay, there was a point where I was completely overwhelmed, but you responded in calm. Class was always enjoyable and I always learned something new. To go to school 25 years later was an incredibly intimidating prospect. You have inspired me to continue my education and have expanded my original goals. I thank you again, again, and again.

Mom - Thanks for spending Mother's Day with us. It was wonderful to be with my Mother and my children, to be a Mother and a daughter, to experience laughter, honest talk, Rockband, traditional planting, and dreams for the future. I love you.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Service Project


I'm contacting all my biking friends for donations of bike parts and all my creative friends for art kits for youth. If you are interested in helping, email me privately at danam2007(at)comcast(dot)net. They are in need of supplies as summer approaches and kids are out of school.

Not Speaking

I am totally not speaking to my sister and her husband. They went to see Ozomatli last night. I'm only listening.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

One Semester of Spanish Love Song

This is what we do in spanish class. Just kidding profe S. Our spanish professor shared this with us this week.

The Car

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Good Morning Tuesday

Sometimes I feel like this blog is one of those photo albums filled with only the special occasions. Today is just tuesday. My day will be filled with teaching a few classes, pilates for myself, downloading some music, writing a final paper, uploading my photos onto flickr and facebook (yes, I have a facebook too, although I am clueless). I will get beautified, or at least somewhat, have lunch with a couple girlfriends, pick up a rental car, and ...gulp! go see the car. Then I will work until late. Somewhere in there I hope to pick up some plants. I hope to get the puppies out for a romp in the yard. So much to do.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Lesson Learned From a Stranger

We ate in a little spanish tapas restaurant. It was over a 2 hour wait at Jacque Imo's, so that was pretty much out of the question. Dinner was delicious, again. As we ate, we hemmed and hawed over what we were going to do in the evening, where to listen to music, again. The reason for this is, we went to some great performances one of which was Glenn David Andrews and he was playing along with Jon Cleary, Bonerama, and Kermit Ruffins, at the Rock n Bowl, promising to be a rockin' good party.

But we also had a Michael Franti & Spearhead "experience". Let me tell you a bit about the Micheal Franti experience. We were hanging around the Conga stage waiting to see Micheal Franti & Spearhead, a group we had not seen or heard before but heard good things about. As we waited, Eric found a small group of people passing a soccer ball around and proceeded to play with them. Every once in a while someone would ask to have their photo taken with this guy, wearing a tam holding his dreads, no shirt, tattoos. The game broke up after a while and the stage started showing some action. Who walks out? The guy with no shirt, tam, and tattoos. Who was he? Michael Franti. He sang of peace, love, happiness, against war and violence, finding yourself, he sang while it rained and we stood and danced in the rain, he came out in the rain and joined us in solidarity, allowing himself to be lifted. He sang to us and with us. And he promised to be at the Lower 9th ward giving a free performance. When it was over, Li'l Sis and I looked at each other, waved to MF, and said we felt like we needed to say goodbye and thank him for inviting us. It was one of those shows where the musician has a true connection with the audience.
While we were finishing up with dinner, 3 women walked in for dinner, and one asked My Handsome Prince, "Are you secure where you are?" I think she meant physically, but then again, you never know. And that opened up a conversation. We talked about the festival and then went on to talk about MF. She urged us to go see him again in the Lower 9th Ward, that it would be a mind blowing event, could be life altering. But we hesitated, feeling a bit intimidated, going to a desolate area, reputed to be dangerous. We inquired directions from two taxi drivers, one of whom thought we were crazy for even thinking of this. So... we went to Rock N Bowl. While Eric parked the car, the three of us got in, but it was to capacity before he was able to get in. They wouldn't let him in or refund our money so Li'l Sis and Eric left and made the journey to the 9th ward, arriving after the music ended. While they did not see the music, they were glad they went, took the chance. I should have gone. It would have been a chance to see the healing power of music, working to unite, a better understanding, a good thing. I should have taken a chance, I should have followed my heart. My sister says sometimes you just have to do something that rocks your world. I believe this would have shaken it up a bit.

In the end, My Handsome Prince and I stayed at the Rock n Bowl. We got to see Glenn David Andrews jazz the crowd up, we saw Jon Cleary and the Absolute Monster Gentlemen, and we watched the opening 30 minutes of Bonerama. It was 1:30 by then and we had been going strong since 9am. I danced until my feet ached, I made everyone who wanted to squish by me dance with me, for they were not going to get in front of me unless they were groovin'. I bought my children bowling shirts with their names embroidered on them. Never got to see Kermit Ruffins, so I guess next year I'll just have to go to Vaughn's, get some barbeque and listen to him there. It was a party, a good party. It was what I wanted to do...originally. And we had a great time.

We arrived back at our hotel in time to witness it being evacuated for a fire alarm had been set.

This trip was truly a self indulgent trip. My daughter has gone to New Orleans for rebuilding, a friend of hers/ours has gone 3 times, a friend from the gym just went a few months ago. I have wanted to go to work but have only gone to party. Now I'm looking for my mission. I'm looking for something to shake things up a bit.
There are no regrets. There is just too much going on in New Orleans to have regrets. There is always something you will miss. Next time, though, I will listen to my heart. And Anders, I'll be seeing you soon.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

NO Jazz Fest Day 1

Waiting for a plane, 6AM, why not? We've already had coffee and breakfast

Are we ready for this?

Mmmmm, oyster po'boys, just as good as a soft crab sandwich.

TBC Brass Band
check out this link
Amazing youth, amazing music.

A whole lotta lovin' goin' on.

Sideburn brothers, turning at just the right moment. I just love people watching.

Beer, beer, and more beer.

Groovin' girls.

The incredibly hot Bettye Lavette. Beautiful, sexy, soulful.

Two of my favorite people

Dinner at Dick and Jenny's, outstanding.

We caught other acts during the day, ate gumbo and bisque, walked the track many times, viewed the art vendors, sat with a local guy who told us we were pros when we told him of our intentions for eating and clubbing. We caught up with some other friends from Maryland, amazed that we saw them and continued to see them all 3 days in a city filled with thousands. We finished dinner, checked into our hotel, and headed into the quarter to see a burlesque show and Rebirth Brass Band. We missed the first but managed to catch Rebirth, which was just ok. We stood behind some of the burlesque girls who were quite animated and having a great time. We observed a drunk man, by himself, fall off a chair and proceed to stay on the floor until assisted up and out the door. As always, we talk about our personal highlight. I think mine for the day was Betty Lavette, although TBC was a close second.

Home Sweet Home

We are home now, where the sounds are lawn mowers, birds, roosters and donkeys as opposed to brass horns, hootin' and hollerin', traffic, and "somebody scream y'all!" or "put your hands up!". I smell manure, fresh cut grass and wood smoke not stale beer, marijuana, sunscreen, and sweat. It's quiet here, everyone is doing their own thing after visiting in the morning, I'm doing my homework, but in the background I hear Michael Franti singing of the different ways to say hello, remembering his incredible performance, living in between two worlds.