Friday, November 21, 2008

Franti Friday

It's Franti Friday on my public radio station, WTMD, Towson. I plan on tuning in. Wednesday night he was playing in DC at the 9:30 Club. Li'l Sis, her hubby, My Handsome Prince, Peach and me all went to hear and see him. We were all loose and feeling the groove. Peach and I road with Li'l Sis and E, with MHP meeting us as he was at the shore. We were late, typical for some (teehee), but deciding to get our Mexican on beforehand made us even later. Still, laughing, eating tacos picante, talking about brown chicken/brown cow and #86, I get a text "Where you @?" MHP was apparently hanging outside with Michael Franti while he played soccer with fans with breaks for push ups, pumping himself up for the performance. Oh yeah.

The opening act was a group by the name of Soliliquists of Sound, a hip hop, rap, group that was waaaay out there. Not someone I would have chosen to see but actually quite fun. Cherine Anderson followed for just a couple songs, then....the man himself. He opened with "Hello, hello" and right away the crowd was singing along. The man was on fire all night, never stopped, played for 2 1/2 hours straight. Michael Franti puts on a show! I tried to get a photo of hands in the air for that was the position of the crowd most of the time. Crowds are just as much fun sometimes as the act and this crowd did not disappoint from the prom queens in front of us, the sweaty shirtless guy next to us, the 4 or 5 year old child on his father's shoulder holding a perpetual peace sign with his fingers, and the guys who Cherine chose to dance with her. It was totally different from the Jazz Fest performance but totally made me love Michael Franti even more.

This morning while listening to the radio, I texted my sister that he was on, now, live. "Where are you?" she says. Close to Towson I respond. "You know we are welcome to go to the station". We discuss do we go or do we not, and in a matter of seconds decide yes, the only thing holding us back is fear, yet the worst that could happen is we would not see him. So I called the station "Can we come in and meet Michael Franti?" Their response "Oh, I'm sorry, he's not here today, it's a prerecorded session." They never said no. Hmmmmmm.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cookie Thursday

My sister has cookie wednesday. Her status on Facebook yesterday was "Rachel is it's cookie wednesday, I wonder if MF wants one." For me it's cookie Thursday. It seems to be a day when I can take a breath. Sometimes on Thursdays I go to lunch with a friend, sometimes I have coffee with my neighbor, and most times I make cookies right before I go to work. Today was snickerdoodles. Do you want one?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This Week in List Form

Math exam tomorrow
Spanish essay due Thursday
Observation report due Saturday
Throw in regular, daily homework and reading
Work tonight
School tomorrow
Work Thursday
Emma on Friday
Window treatments on Friday
Girls clean on Saturday
Church on Sunday
Paint on Sunday
Wash, rinse, repeat

Oh, but guess what I am doing tomorrow night?

Nothing will ever match the jazz fest performance but no matter, just the opportunity to see him again. I'm going with my favorite concert goers plus a new one. We'll see what the evening brings.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Shoes

My BFFL put on some new shoes. Shortly before she left this morning, we were dancing around the kitchen to this song.

The original plan for the weekend at the shore was just Audrey and I, homework, walking the dogs, painting her bedroom. I planned on a bit of crafting and playing house. I had invited my BFFL but never heard whether she was actually coming until after Audrey and I hit the road. Her visit is just what we both needed. This is what we did:

Bonded playing rockband

Found symbolism in many things, past and present

We went thrifting where Audrey and Laura found their common interest, vintage, crazy clothes, Audrey finding an 80's colorful jacket and Laura a cheerleading outfit.

We went to the beach, where Laura totally indulged and participated in my pledge to get into the water every time I am here. She was lucky enough to have not gone commando.

The water was cold and cleansing and wonderful. We received laughs and smiles from observers and luckily did not get arrested for public nudity when we stripped down as discretely as possible in the parking lot.

There are advantages to having a car full of crap, sheets to dry off with and extra clothes to change into even if they are sweaty or extremely large.

Peach and Twink, kindred spirits. The first time my daughters saw her crossing the parking lot from the back, they both said, "She looks like you Mom". We stayed up late everynight, we quoted movies, talked music, watched Superbad, played rockband with Audrey who kicked our asses and laughed. We were in the moment. When she left this morning, she cried a bit. I'm missing her already. We will be back to work, crossing paths at the Y, and I'll probably be calling soon for a massage. This wednesday we will go together to see Michael Franti, now that will be a party.

Audrey and I are sitting here watching Hook, her favorite movie when she was about 4. I thanked her for sharing our weekend with Laura. She laughed and said, "She's just like my friends." We will pack up shortly. It's always a bit difficult to leave but I always know I can come back.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Slowing Down

It's raining today. I've had 4 cups of coffee and still am managing to maintain a calm. The house is finally warming up with the fire in the wood stove. I have one dog sleeping beside me, the other on the couch in the living room (I'm so glad I purchased a slipcover for him to sleep on). I'm listening to a combination of Mike Doughty, Michael Franti (who else?), Joan Osborne, Nickle Creek, Delta Spirit, and Josh Ritter, all sort of acoustic, calming with the exception of you know who. I'm studying for a test in Exercise Science. I will probably bake something to continue that warming, calming feel. I will read a chapter in Buddhism for Mothers book. Ebb and flow as the coolest person I know says. It feels good.


My neighbor is moving. I met her through a rug hooking email list. She lived on the other side of the county. Remember children, do as I say, not as I do. We met in neutral territory, looking for wool or hooking. Eventually we trusted one another to meet in our homes. When the time came to look for a new home, I aided, and found not one, but two of their homes over the past 5 years or so. She currently lives two houses away. There was a time when we had coffee together 3 or 4 times a week. Creativity always a binding force in our relationship. We haven't quite addressed our break up. I love her, will miss her when she leaves and will cry. The neighborhood won't be the same. Of course, I think she would feel that way if I were the first to leave.

Every morning for about 3 weeks, I sent my BFFL an email video. It was a challenge and a joy to come up with something she would like. This was her favorite, I think. Comedy or music was the theme, although an occasional inspirational video slipped through.

Through facebook, two classmates contacted me and asked to be my friend. I don't know who they are. I went looking for some I did and only found the girl who bullied me through junior high and high school. I wanted to ask her if she still hated me. I did not ask her to be my friend, instead I just sent her a message that stated she still looked the same. She never responded

I found an old beau who lives, of all places, on the eastern shore. Laughter and memories have arisen through email.

I communicate with my children and their friends. Sometimes it just works that way. Nothing beats face to face but sometimes you need to make adjustments, get with the times. Compromise on both sides.

I taught myself to knit after my auntie taught me to cast on.

I'm taking a college course on line.

I furnished the shore house through Freecycle, mostly.

Let's not forget the fantastic music, the venues, and the many tickets I buy.

And yes, I waste lots of time.

Isn't it awesome?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Another Decision

I got a new phone. Do I download Michael Franti ringtone or go with the Mission Impossible I've had for every phone I've owned? Right now Michael Franti is calling my name. Might be because I'm going to see him a week from today.

This is the song I want.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Resurrecting a Theme

All kinds of themes show up in blogs. A year or two ago Corners of My Home was a theme. Many, many years ago when my Aunt Nell was selling her home, she asked the grandchildren what they might want out of her home. If I could find the essay that one of the granddaughters wrote, I would ask permission to post. It spoke of the corners of her home and love and memories there.

Here is a corner of my home, my refrigerator. Everyone knows I collect magnets. Some tacky, some pretty, some inspirational, some just a carryout business. Elvis is up there and so are my girls. What started as a cheap souveneir that I would get myself while away has turned into a cheap gift that people bring me when they go away. My sister just brought back a set of magnets in spanish. I love them! I am anything but organized in my home but my magnets are all pretty well organized and spaced. One evening my sisters in law were laughing about them. The next morning they were all over the place, upside down, sideways, total chaos. We all had a laugh. Everyone once in a while (like today) I clean the front of the fridge, wipe the magnets, and rearrange them. There are memories associated with them, such as the magnet from Blackwater Falls when we were newlyweds, the one from my daughter when she went to Honduras, the one from the Tower of Terror, Jazz Fest, our annual trip to Cape Henlopen, individual trips, family trips and so on and so one.

We have discussions constantly on what will go with us, what will we trash, what will we store for the girls, what we will give away. We only have 12 years in this house but that is enough. Of course my magnets will go with me but it won't be the same. Somehow it will be different. That's ok, we'll build from there.

Monday, November 10, 2008


This is the current state of my kitchen. We had two separate epidosodes of water damage to our rustic pine floor, one from the water line to the refrigerator, one from the toilet. The damage was surveyed and we received an estimate to replace the floor. Decisions. After some thought, we opted to do the work ourselves, and put the money into the counter, paint and floor. Last night we spent the evening pulling up the pine boards.

I was speaking with a friend at church yesterday. We are both at a point at our lives where we need to make some decisions. It's not easy and requires stepping out of our comfort zone. Another friend confided in me the decision to leave her husband. My decisions are not nearly as monumental as that but yet they affect my days, my time, my life.
  • I have decided to step back from my job a bit, working only two nights a week
  • I have decided to take only one, maybe two classes next semester instead of my usual three.
  • I have decided to work on the house to prepare it for market in the spring, with the intent of looking for an apartment for the last year here in Carroll County
  • I have decided to live at the shore house for the summer

Not major decisions but they feel good, feel right.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

A Lovely Day

" I know it's gonna be -A lovely day - lovely day lovely day lovely day lovely day"

Me and bino, we are happy

I had a lovely day yestday. Lately, I guess I had forgotten the simple things. It started in the hot tub, I witnessed a spider killing its meal. A small, minute detail in the huge world around me is what thrilled me. In that frame of mind, I noticed the simple things that make me happy

  • crafting, new projects on the horizon and old projects that still excite me

  • a budding guitarist showing me a bend, a slide, and something else I don't remeber what it was called

  • building a tent out of a blanket and some chairs

  • Working out for myself (I now covet my sisters eliptical and her rowing machine)

  • Inspiration in the form of books, spiritual, crafty and a novel

  • New music, Delta Spirit

  • My silly, completely focused, witty, fun youngest child

  • a movie with MHP

"Just one look at you and I know it's gonna be a lovely day."