Sunday, September 28, 2008

This Week In List Form

  • I admit it. I have become a fan of facebook. So much so that I've slacked in blogging. It's blogging in one sentence.
  • Teaching my youngest how to drive, both of us with white nuckles. I'm a nervous wreck and she is doing well. It's the post trauma from the accident. I'm working on my anxiety constantly.
  • Took my first exams, scored a 90 on algebra and unknown in Exercise Science. That one scared ths s**t out of me. Now I'm not so scared.
  • Tasted honest to goodness West Virginia moonshine. Let's just say it burns.
  • Picked up the crochet hook again against my Mother's wishes - but she picked up the knitting needles, so we are even
  • Watched the Presidential debate with other democratic women, and of course MHP. We ranged in age from 20 to 90 but all with similar views
  • No comprendo espanol, nada
  • Attended an awesome new fitness possibility - a barefoot, freedance, mind, body, flow kind of thing. Way fun.

And so it goes. The new week has begun. We are redoing our kitchen. Tomorrow new countertop is being put in and we will buy new flooring. Paint has been chosen. The first of many, many projects to get our house ready for the market, if and when the market improves. We are constantly thinking of the move even though it is at least one year, if not two, away. My friend and neighbor will move soon, Audrey's best friend moved, so it seems right to think about it. But I know a change gonna come yes it will.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Learning to Drive

Look who is learning to drive!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

When I grow up

Don't you just love Michele Schocked? Mine is scheduled is yours?

Fiesta, Fiesta, Fiesta!

We went out last night to hear to hear some music. The four of us, my sister, her husband, My Handsome Prince and I. We started at their house. Audrey was hanging with her cousins and we were all riding together. We went to a great little restaurant, if you can even call it that. Mexican and Salvadoran food. Mmmmm. We had quite the variety and shared it all. The only thing missing was a margarita.

We went to the Sonar to see The Almighty Senators, The Hold Steady, and The Pretenders. I was primarily interested in seeing The Hold Steady, as I've been listening to their latest cd, but knew Chrissy Hynde would rock. The Almighty Senators were off the wall, with strange lyrics and a zappa-esque sound. Chrissy Hynde was just as expected. Her voice still amazing. The crowd loved her. It was packed, packed, packed. They sang, danced, yelled requests and she loved it all. The Hold Steady was good but...the sound was terrible. You could not hear any vocals above the instruments. They were last, we were tired so we did not stay. My sister decided that Hold Steady was wishfull thinking, the guy couldn't hold still to save his life!
It was a wonderful evening. We laughed all evening, making stupid jokes and rhyming. They are such fun to go out with.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Time Away

Several weeks ago, I mentioned to My Handsome Prince that we take off work for our anniversary and head to the shore. He was all for it. Our anniversary fell on a weekend. Guess what happened. He took off the week prior and I took off the week after. Hmmm, something went amiss. We still went to the shore, all 4 of us, for the weekend despite Hannah's impending strike. I think she hit our inland residence harder than the shore residence. This is what we did:

We secured our residence

We swam at night in the rain, in the buff (or at least I did, nobody wanted to join me)

We ate twizzlers (okay, me again)

We watched endless movies on tv

We painted Audrey's room

We went to The Clayton to see The Dark Knight
And then the sun came up and we went to the beach

And then they left me. Both girls had to go to school, MHP had to go back to work, and I was playing hookey.

While they were gone, I played house, a guest in my house had totally rearranged my kitchen cabinets much to my irritation. I did homework, by the pool, at the beach.

The town and beach were empty.

I went for late night walks with the dog. And I met my friend, Annette, for Happy Hour at Mangos.

My week came to an end, I reuinited with my family for a few hours and then went our separate ways again. Audrey and I, responding to the call, again. Me painting for the Children's Home in Catonsville, Audrey working with her Youth group, washing cars, demolishing walls, and holding a yard sale. We finished the weekend together with the annual concert on the lawn in Lansdowne with the Nitty Gritty Church Band.

My family was there, Dad, Mom, Sister and family, Auntie, my kids. A great way to end time away.

Monday, September 15, 2008


At the end of my school day today, I stopped by Mary's classroom. Mary was my Health and Wellness teacher last semester. No matter how frazzled I was, she was always in the room with a smile, a deep breath, patience, confindence, and calm. Today was no different. When asked how I was, I responded with a smile and a sigh "Overwhelmed". She observed in our short time together that I am always like that at the beginning, and so is she. She said to me, less is more. How true, how true.

I'm overwhelmed with my classes, especially math lab, not math class. I went so far as to tell the instructor I did NOT like this class. I am totally overwhelmed with Spanish, wondering if I will ever speak the language. I am overwhelmed with my online class, Exercise Science, a big mistake to take online, a class in which I could use classroom interaction. And I'm overwhelmed with what direction to take with my education. I'm already re-thinking it. I guess I'm a typical college freshman.

I'm overwhelmed with my job, not enjoying what I do anymore and wondering why. I'm overwhelmed with my house and eliminating 12 years of crap, I'm overwhelmed with my knitting because I thought after 90 rows I was near the end, but no, just changing shape and knitting another 96. I'm overwhelmed with my body that has packed on 9lbs. since the accident and just does not move the way I want.

Tomorrow is a busy day, teaching in the morning, homework all afternoon, then work in the evening. Somewhere in there, dinner needs to be made, laundry needs to be done, and dogs need time outside. I viewed a lovely little spot outside, on a porch swing, that has been neglected all summer. That is my homework spot. Dinner is easy, leftover fresh corn, black beans, fresh salsa, and tortillas. I won't try to do everything and be accepting of what I can do.

Less is more, less is more.

Last week while at the shore, I made a mental list of things that make me happy. So, back to listmaking I go, revisiting the birthday list, revising it, revisitng other lists, revising, and reading Keri Smith, Living Out Loud.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Last Days of Summer, First Days of School

New book bag made by best friend
corner of front flower bed
washing her car
waiting for the bus

a walk near a field