Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Whirlwind weekend

Wow! This weekend was such a whirlwind of activity! Friday night started with the CYF's spaghetti dinner and talent show. It was a wonderful evening. These kids are amazing! They took whatever talent they had (or didn't have) and entertained us for 2 hours. Their goal was to raise enough money to go to Covington, Mississippi for a week this summer to help with Katrina damage. They made it!

Saturday was another trip to Shenandoah University for an audition. Emma did not think it went very well. Nerves, stress, PMS. Ugh! It was a marathon day, getting to Winchester early, coming home, Winter Formal for her, Mardi Gras party for me, Pat in Salisbury (he did more driving than I did!)

Sunday was church. The Nitty Gritty Church Band was playing, my Handsome Prince Singing. It's always a good time. Pat had to do a Word in Action for the Capital Campaign he is heading. After this and singing, I thought what a good man he is. Good heart, good soul, good voice, good faith. I'm a fortunate woman.

After church, Emma and I took off to Boone, NC to visit Appalachian State University. It took us about 8 hours to get there. It was a fine trip, listening to music, talking, renting a book on tape at Cracker barrel, not realizing it was tape and we only have a cd player, laughing at our own stupidity, eating twizzlers, beef jerky, trail mix and diet Coke to keep me awake. These college trips have been unusual bonding trips.

Monday, our day at ASU, started with a meeting with the Director of the Music Therapy program. She told some wonderful stories of the healing power of music. At one point, I thought I was going to cry talking about their success in hospice. This program is so much more diverse than Shenandoah's. ASU works with toddlers, geriatric, psychiatric, at risk adolescents, and working towards teens. She also gave us a quick tour of the School of Music building. We were able to see it in action, students practicing, faculty out and about. Everyone we met was genuine and not out to impress, just doing their thing. We then went to the admissions department to get an overview of the university and a tour. This too, was very informative. While we didn't go into classrooms, we saw all areas of the campus in full activity. Last, but not least, was Emma's audition. While she was practicing with the accompanist, faculty members would pass by me sitting in the hall, backtrack, introduce themselves to me and ask about Emma and her audition. I was asked if I wanted to sit in on the audition, which I'm not sure if it made it any easier. I was a bundle of nerves. The two faculty members were very kind, inviting, and easy going. After singing, she did some sight reading and some rhythms, then they asked her some questions. Emma came away, feeling okay, much more confident than Saturday. She remarked several times during the day that she liked this university. She was concerned about the distance. We'll see what happens. It's hitting hard these past few days, that my first born is growing up, leaving home, whether an hour away or a day away. She'll be alright. We've equipped her well, I think.

The ride home was more of the same. Glad to be home. I had to nap for two hours today. I haven't done that since I was pregnant. No. That's not possible. I'm just exhausted, physically and mentally.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Dance, Dance, Dance

"I don't know But I've been told If you keep on dancing You'll never grow old. " Steve Miller

This is us dancing to Nathan and the Zydeco Cha Chas at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival in 2003. I love this photo. Yesterday, we finished up our beginners dance classes. Now we can dance! Teehee. Well, we have knowledge, whether we can put it to use is another thing. The class was designed to enable you to dance at social events, such as weddings, balls, charities, etc. We went with the intention of being able to dance at the Military Gala in March. We've got some major practicing to do! We did have a great time! Last night was most interesting, watching one couple get royally pissed off, one cry, one couple (other than us) having way too much fun, laughing, rotating partners. I especially loved being led by the instructor who totally kept me on my toes. But the best thing was doing something we've talked about for 20 years of marriage. We might continue with the Cha Cha next month. Jazz Fest 06 or some fest, watch out, cause we will be rockin!

PS Trying to practice in this house with the puppies is just about impossible. We tried and the two of them just stand by us and bark, bark, bark. Another laughing matter!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Workout schedule this week

I thought I'd post this to hold me accountable
Cycle class, swim 1/2 hour, kickbox class, power workout class
Kickbox class
Lift with Tasha - chest and back
Cycle class
Cycle class
Swim - go for a mile ?
Kickbox class
Lift - legs
Cycle class
Cycle class
Lift with Tasha - Biceps and triceps

I had two people last week comment on my body and definition suggesting that I enter a competition. Hmmmmm. Competition, Triathalon, or 1/2 marathon. What shall it be? I love having that challenge.

SPT-All of Me - Silkies

I admit it. I am a forty two year old woman who still loves to feel the edge of my blanket. Can't help it. At least I don't suck my fingers anymore. I quit that when I was probably 10. This is my collection of blankets. Only two of them are perfect, the other two will suffice. You don't know how difficult it is to get the correct type of satin, silky edging. I'm always on a search (e-bay or family- I'm still trying to steal one away from my sister's dog). They die, especially when fondled. My favorite one is dyeing, slowly. It dates back to my childhood and was my blanket when I spent the night at Grandma's. My sister brought it back a few years ago. I'm not going to apologize, nor give them up, they are a part of me. My family accepts it. There is comfort. I totally relate to children who have blankets, stuffed animals, slips, etc. and especially when they don't want them washed. It's me. It's something I accept but something others find odd, although I'm sure there are some closet blanket holders out there.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

8x10, again!

Anders Osborn
John Gros
We sat on the fence all week and all day about whether we would go back to the 8x10 on Saturday. One one hand, it was been there, done that. After all, we had seen Anders Osborn five times before (the last concert was less than we expected) and we had just seen John Gros with Papa Grows Funk last week. Finally, at the last minute, we ordered 3 tickets, called Tasha, and took off to Baltimore. We got there just as John sat down at the keyboard. We moved toward the front corner and basically stood in the second row of people. John Gros is amazing on the keyboard. His fingers just fly! If you continue to watch, it is almost as if the keyboard sends a shock through his fingers up to his body, and there is a slight lift/jump when it hits him. It's great! Anders came out to accompany John on a song or two, and that's when we knew Anders was going to put on a good show. They did an old Little Feat song, "Willin'", which we enjoyed, being Little Feat fans. John finished up and a little while later Anders and his crew came out, rockin' to begin with and started the set with "Stoned, Drunk, and Naked". The crowd was jumping! I managed to get in the front, despite the raver beside me. She had these two sticks with round lit globes on the end with a red tip on the end. Frankly, I thought they looked like two lit up breasts, but what do I know. She had plastic rings that also lit up. She was actually rude about the space she occupied, letting everyone around her know it was HERS. Anyway, she waved those sticks around like she was guiding an airplane down. "It's all fun and games until someone loses and eye." Back to Anders, he is fascinating to watch. He does not have much interaction with the crowd (although he did last night). It's all about him and the guitar. He struts, moves his head, lips move, tongue sometimes, totally into the music. That was last concerts problem, too much into it. I was standing right by Kirk Joseph, the sousaphone player who provides the bass line. Sweat started pouring down his face right away. It's amazing how he totes that thing around like it's nothing! These two guys, Anders and Kirk, smoke like smokestacks and still can put out energy! They kept it going with just enough jamming to keep them and the crowd buzzing. Before we knew it, the first set was over. Wow! We stayed for the second set. John Gros accompanyed them for quite a bit. I had fun watching the interaction between John and Kirk mainly. We had a rockin' good time! We left after 1am, staying for only one song of the encore. We got home around 2:30ish. I'm actually thinking we should have stayed for the entire encore, maybe they would have played "Ho-di-ko-di-ya-la-ma-la". Ha! Still feeling it! I love seeing fun, good,live music!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A little more game - SPT

Audrey took this photo. She thought this should be included in the spt game post. It's some pretty good game and warrants wetting my head. I don't do that often. Some mornings, my kids will say "Mom, your hair!" Then I know it's some great game, bad hair! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day and I worked pretty much all day. I started with a kickbox class and ended the evening with a cycle class. All afternoon I helped a friend out who owns a flower shop. I delivered flowers for several hours. It was kind of fun, although people do not respond to flowers like I thought. I got better responses from the dogs and cats who were ecstatic to see me. (No, it had nothing to do with not showering - I had an extra swipe of deoderant, change of clothes, and a hat on - a stylish beret at that!) Here is what the back of my Expedition looked like. It smelled wonderful! It is very careful work, loading delicate flowers so they don't spill over. I broke a woman's rose, so later took an extra to her.

I put a little surprise in the girls lunches this morning. I wanted them to be happy. Presentation is definitely not my strong point so this was good.

SPT - All of Me - Got Game?

This is me every morning. Major hair game. Others may call in pillow head or bed head but in this family it's hair game. This is even after putting a comb through it. I don't shower in the morning and show up for work looking like this. Of course, that's because I teach fitness classes. Why bother if it's just going to get worse. There are some days when it is 36 hours before I get a shower, due to the amount of classes I may end up teaching, morning and evening. Today is one of those days. What kills me, is that occasionally when I go other places than the gym looking like this, I get positive comments on my hair. Makes me wonder what I really look like when I "do" my hair. We do a lot of camping in the spring, summer and fall. We camp with other families and there is usually a hair game competition. It's not a big thing, just who's got the best game that morning. My competition is usually my Brother-in-law. I'm proud of my game, but I still have a large collection of hats. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, February 12, 2006

A Few More Photos

Audrey the abominibal snowman.

Shelby, rolling and digging in the snow, then with dingles the size of golf balls and baseballs.

Audrey and Shelby, halfway down the yard. The snow is too deep to sled. We'll keep trying to pack it down

The view this morning

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Friday, February 10, 2006

Maria, I just met a girl named Maria

North Carroll High School Drama Club presents West Side Story, starring none other than Emmagirl. Save the dates! April 28-29 and May 5-6, 2006. Be there.

Senior Portrait done by Fine Portraiture by Michelle in Tanyetown Maryland. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Perfect Example

This month's self portrait tuesday is a very difficult one. I've been looking at others and I'm not the only one who found it difficult. Normally, I'm allright. I don't have those issues on a daily basis, it's just when I do, they are so raw, so intense. This morning was one of those mornings. I'm so worried about Emma and college, our timing, will she get in, will she be happy, how in the hell are we going to afford it? Then I'm panicked about getting everything done and feel guilty about getting on her case. Ugh! It's all right there on the edge wanting to consume me. That's why I do this. Some would look at the size of the needles and say forget it! I have to say, I'm only on the first sock and wonder if I'll ever have a pair. Fitness also helps keep me sane. I've been offered 3 more classes, which would up my classes to 13 a week. I don't think I'm going to take them. I'm enjoying my personal fitness with strength training and swimming. Plus, I'm gearing up for the Personal Training certification. I know I have rambled but wanted to get a few things off my mind.

Tonight at the 8x10 club, The Almight Senators and Papa Grows Funk. I'm there!

One more thing! We had dance lessons last night. This is fun! We are learning the basic foxtrot and swing. Last night we learned to turn and twirl. You have to dance with others in addition to your own partner. More on that later. Anyway, it's a blast, more so because I've been wanting to do this for 20 years.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Yesterday I volunteered for WTMD, a public radio station out of Towson University. They play an amazing mix of music that I truly enjoy. Check them out, if you like, make a pledge. There, that was my input. My job was to take pledge calls between the hours of 1-3pm. Well, it is definitely a quiet time. I think we received 7 calls during my shift. My first call was my father, whose pledge I messed up! You'd think I'd know my Dad's address! What a dufus! BTW, he got the other volunteer then asked for me. I love my Dad. We laughed. It was an interesting experience. I was basically right there watching them produce the afternoon radio show. I got to put faces to the names I hear daily. I also was quite humbled by the knowledge of music in these young people (probably all 15-20 years younger than me, except for the other volunteer). What I know about music (which I thought was a decent amount) can fit in a thimble compared to these people. I was introduced to a couple new artists, not literally (check out Grace Potter and Brandi Carlile). I'm anxious to start listening and expanding my music repertoire. I'm going to see if they need volunteers on a regular basis. Who knows, maybe I'll really meet or hear someone. Cool.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

SPT- All of Me - Underneath it all

This is me. Not the best, not the worst. My uniform changes with the activity, but basically I look the same. Slightly mussed, curly hair, usually a smile, makeup or not, double chin, fit body, my mother's hands, fat feet, strong thighs, small droopy breasts, wrinkles, shapely shoulders. Good and bad. I can live with the double chin, or the fat feet and have truly learned to appreciate the curls. What you don't see is underneath it all. The churning of the waters when above all seems calm. The frantic paddling to keep abreast. These are my worst features and the hardest to embrace, yet they are a part of me. The panic, worry, guilt, doubt, anger, grudge, the inability to let go, the disorganization of my mind. Yet they indicate passion, caring, striving, compassion, intenseness, desire, quest, answers. Good and bad.

"You're really lovely, Underneath it all. You want to love me, Underneath it all. I'm really lucky Underneath it all. You're really lovely." - No Doubt

I must remember.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Some mornings....

I have to admit it. Some mornings I wake up thinking, I am too old to be doing this. My body is sore, stiff, and aching. I've taught 5 classes in two days, have Pilates to take this morning (okay, already missed-just couldn't get my groove on), teach a cycle class, and still want to swim (yes, I'm going to continue).

Got a call from my neighbor. We are no longer going junking. Bummer. But...my house is somewhat clean, so will take the time to quilt the borders in my pinwheel. I hope to be putting the binding on during the superbowl.

On the bright side, my Handsome Prince and I start Dance lessons tonight! Whoohooo! We've been going to the Military Gala for several years now and finally we will dance. He's such a good man for doing this for me. He knows I've been wanting to do this for years. I'm a bit nervous, you know, that comfort zone thing.