Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Summer Cold

I've got a summer cold. I don't feel good. It comes at a pretty good time, if there ever is one. I don't have to teach any classes. My work schedule is limited. I can rest during the day. Resting is good. I've napped, I've read. I don't feel up to hand work, so I've turned on the tv. Now, anyone who knows me, knows I don't watch tv. Evenings are usually spent reading, working, sewing or running with the girls. For the past day and a half I've managed to catch the worst and parts of the best. I've watched a Chuck Norris infomercial, Next - MTV's version of dating game, part of the movie "Dogma" which made me want to rent again, Montel and Jerry, the Carroll County Government channel with the debate on the dog tethering law, Hulk Hogans family, and slept through Alex Anderson Simply Quilts which featured Sue Spargo (a shame, since I like her style). Unfortunately, I never hit upon a Lifetime movie, which is generally favored upon us sick girls. They are great to snoozing material. I hope tomorrow's line up is better.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Since My Last Post...

  • Audrey's had a job interview at the library
  • Audrey got a paper route - 1 day a week
  • Had a back to school party for 15 freshman (Audrey's friends)
  • Floated down the Gunpowder in an innertube with 20 other people - a defininte do over!
  • Spoken to Emma several times and listened to her ups and downs - I operate by the no news is good news theory, yet am always anxious to receive a call or e-mail from her.
  • Audrey started high school this morning!
  • Had crabs, again! Yummm.
  • State Fair today - I did not enter my rug as entry day was packing and moving day. I'll save it for next year.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

Remember that saying? It was a poster in our kitchen growing up. Today was a day of change. Emma is officially a college student away from home. Today was the day, my heart breaking, my daughter saying she wanted to go back home, didn't want this, my husband short and testy with everything we had to do, Audrey caught between boredom and the uncontrollable urge to torment her sister, and me with whatever it takes, to strengthen and encourage, while all I wanted to do was leave. My family wants all the details and I don't want to talk to anyone.

On another note, this is very exciting. She is doing something neither MHP nor I ever did. She called later to see how her sister's "date" went and also told me she will apply for the overseas study that happens during spring break. That's a good thing. She didn't want to talk long. The three of us left at home went for a swim (we are pool sitting again, along with chicken and goat sitting), and watched a movie "The World's Fastest Indian" . New dynamics for our family.

Emma and her roommate are "thoulmates" , as they would say. They have the same major, a little sister, and came with the same pillow, and color scheme. I hope these discoveries continue on a deeper level. It is all good.

Saturday, August 19, 2006


Look what I made to take with me to Hot August Blues. I cute wristlet just big enough for money, id, and a cell phone. I love it! And it's just for me! Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 18, 2006

A Maryland Farewell

Three girls, different schools, different communities, same church, growing up together. One off to California, one to Kentucky, and one to Virginia.

What could be more appropriate than a crab feast, featuring fresh, live crabs straight from the Eastern Shore courtesy of My Handsome Prince who was doing time in Salisbury. That's a bushel and a half you see there.

Emma actually wrote her name on this one.

A Serenade by one of the Father's and Grandfather of "Susannah's a Funny Old Man". I think this was before too much wine/beer was imbibed.

The girl's table. The other two, Audrey and Sam are buddies just like the three. We'll be doing this again before we know it!

The Moms.

The spirit of one of the Dads, evident in a quilt made by two of the Moms.

The Last at the table.

And life goes on. We have done our jobs as families, parents, siblings, friends, and a community of faith to send these girls off into another phase of their lives. Life is good.

Another Girl's Day Out

We went to Fells Point this time. I had not been there since we got two flat tires late at night on my sister's graduation from college. Let's just say it's not something you want to do. We found some funky shops, one called "Killer Trash" that was so full of thrift/vintage/costume clothing! The women in the shop know everything in there which is amazing. Audrey bought a silver sequin/glittery skirt/short thingy. Too funky! It was another nice couple hours, walking, driving, singing, eating, shopping. We finished the day at the Maryland SPCA with Emma begging for a puppy. Needless to say, we did not get one. Fells Point was fun and we met a woman in a shop who wants to do Graduate work in music therapy at SU. Then in another shop, a young girl greeted us, who was a neighbor and babysat the girls when she was Audrey's age. So far from home, yet a small world. Some photos from the day.


I'm sure this is all over television, but I never watch. Check these guys out! So clever.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Girl's Day

Today was a day with the girls. We started with lunch at The Pour House, sitting outside, chatting about people and places. They were both in such good spirits, looking so young and beautiful. When lunch was over and we were leaving they both thanked me. Then off to Target to do the dreaded college/high school supply shopping. OMG! I called the Prince to warn him about the Target bill. The bugger called me 10 minutes later, played "I'll Tumble for You" by Boy George, just to get that stupid song in my head and make me sing it the rest of the day. I do not like that stupid song nor do I like Boy George! But it is catchy and he was singing it the other day. I told him he was a sick man! Back on track, we bought everything from q-tips and tampons to pillows and desk organizers. Afterwards, Emma had to have her TB test read, which just so happened to be right next door to the best ice cream place ever! Hoffman's makes the best milkshakes ever. No contest. Don't even try me! Another thank you. I just love it when the girls appreciate the time we spend together and the things we do. We decided to hit Goodwill where we bought 3 sweaters, the cutest wrap blouse for me and another metal freezer bin like these ($.75 can you believe?!). Then to the mall! You have to remember, I hate shopping! I did buy something at the mall, which I will wait to unveil until I get the rest of it. So cool! We finally made it home and my Dad joined us for a lovely dinner on the deck. It was such a fun day! We just laughed, chatted, sang, and shopped! Tomorrow, we are going to try to hit the thrift/retro shops in Fells Point.

What I'm listening to:
I splurged today and bought Bruce Springsteen, We Shall Overcome, The Seeger Sessions. Some powerful music. I've only listenend to it about 3 times so far, with distractions. I look forward to putting it in the car. This was recorded live in only 3 sessions without rehearsals. Amazing! I remember listening to Pete Seeger when I was a young girl. I also remember a trip to Chicago with my Dad and seeing Pete, sitting on the ground with a few people. I want to remember that he was strumming but I know he was not. My Dad spoke to him and told him we enjoy his music. I distinctly remember Pete Seeger saying thank you. That's my famous siting, as my family likes to play.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Michael McDonald/Steely Dan

We went to see this combination last night at Nissan Pavillion. This was my birthday present to My Handsome Prince. He had never seen Steely Dan (his absolute favorite!), and has been enjoying Michael McDonald's motown cd. It was a perfect evening. The weather was beautiful, the crowd was fun, and the music was good. I have never been a SD fan and MM is okay. What was fun was hearing the excitement in the Prince's voice every time he called me during the day. He was looking forward to this, it was his night. I'm so glad we went and I have a new appreciation for Steely Dan. Earlier today, I buzzed him on the walkie talkie and confessed that I actually turned the volume up on the radio when a Steely Dan song came on. He laughed.

Steely Dan has a sound all their own. I have no particular reason not to like them but just never enjoyed their sound enough to buy cd's, although I always bought them for the handsome one. I love to listen and watch live music and this was no disappointment. Their music is complex, a jazz/rock style with an almost easy listening feel to it, yet it is not along those soft easy listening lines. I also find SD to be master of misunderstood song lyrics (check out this link - a great NPR Driveway Moment). I have NEVER been able to figure out what they said in most of their songs. I also did not know that Michael McDonald was part of the group for a bit and even sang lead, which once you pay attention, it's a slap on the head moment. Donald Fagen has an interesting lean to him, in that he leans to one side whether standing or sitting, when he sings. He also has this piano type thing that he blows to play, hmmm, verrrry intersting. Walter Becker shows abosolutely no emotion while playing his guitar. He does have a slight head bob and groove to his body. When he really got into it, their was the slightest lip quiver. I love it!

This was a big venue, which we do not do very often. We had great seats but still had to rely on the big screens to see any detail. I did find it humorous that it was a concert with the oldest crowd I have ever seen. Every other performance we have been to has always been a mix. This was the middle age crowd. Last year, when we went to see Little Feat at Bottle and Cork in Dewey Beach, the early crowd was older but once 11:00 hit, the young, partying gang came in (and they had no idea who Little Feat was!). Once again, it was such a lovely evening. I promptly fell asleep on the way home. Poor prince. Late night, motion of the car, snooze.

We have tickets to Hot August Blues, Susan Tedeschi/Derek Trucks Band, and buying tickets to Grace Potter and the Nocturnals/Wood Brothers.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Emma's got a sweet tat!

For real. She and her buddy Morgie went and got tattoos before going off to college. A bonding experience. I think it looks nice. She designed it herself, music and faith. Posted by Picasa

Work Trip Sunday

Anyone who tells you, you can't make a difference, is wrong. Today was Work Trip Sunday, where various groups from the church lead the worship service. The youngest to work this summer was 4 and the oldest around 70 (I think). We sent out 4 groups to locations such as rural Maryland, New Orleans LA, Texas, Lake Charles LA and Lynchburg VA. The work varied. Middle school age kids planted an acre of pumpkins and cleared an acre of rocks and picked an acre of collard greens and picked another acre of Kale. High school kids demolished homes. Garbed in full paper suits over clothes, hard hats, respirator masks, they worked in 90 degree weather, and stopped in the middle of a task to listen to the stories the residents had to tell of their home. Intergenerational forces worked at a camp for underpriveledged youth, mulching, planting, painting. Ask any one of these people or the people they served if a difference was made and they would say yes. It was evident in the stories told, the photos on the screen, tears shed, and humor. Emma's rendition of "Bridge Over Troubled Water" while photos of New Orleans, Lynchburg, and Maryland were shown, did not leave a dry eye and left us with a feeling of hope and renewal. I did not participate in these trips, but my children did going to the farm in Maryland and to New Orleans. I will be Responding to the Call on 9/11. What will you do?

BTW, their T-shirts say "Ask me how I spent my summer vacation" On the back it says "Building our ministry beyond the threshold" Christian Temple work trips 2006, Getting Dirty For Jesus and then lists the various work trips, groups and places.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Bathing Beauties

Geez, aren't they beautiful? Posted by Picasa

Family photo

What a funny family portrait, yet I think this is it. We never got a formal one done. We didn't take any this summer. Even the girls and I didn't take one of us in our string bikinis (yes, the girls talked me into one on sale at Victoria's Secret- probably because they each wanted one too). We had a delightful week. Despite my promise, I still did not take any photos. I'm in a creative funk. I hope to dig myself out soon. I will tell stories, though, as long as you don't require visual assitance. Glad to be home, sort of. Posted by Picasa

BTW, from left to right, the Prince, Audrey, Emma in a floppy hat, and Me.

Saturday, August 05, 2006


Posted by Picasa I finished Mom's bag. I made two of these, one with fabric straps and this one with the wooden handles. These handles were difficult to work. There are always things to learn from new projects. I hope Mom still likes it. I still have not made one for myself. I'm hoping to do so over the next couple weeks. Adios! We are off to the beach tomorrow for 5 days. This time I'll take some photos to share.

Friday, August 04, 2006

It's a tough job...

but somebody's got to do it. We are pool watching for a couple days. Audrey is having a small party tonight so we took them over here. They had a ball playing under water ladder tag, Marco Polo, and having cannonball competitions. We'll go back tomorrow, duh! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Small, Loud and Bossy!

These are the qualifications the Baltimore Rowing Club is looking for in a coxswain. At 5'4", 135 solid, size 2 or 4 (depending on the time of the month or whether I've been to Kclingers a few times), always accused of being too loud by my family, and definitely bossy in my classes, I think I'm a good fit. Tonight was going to be my first class, but with the heat and a memorial service of a BRC member, the beginning Coxswain class has been cancelled. It is rescheduled for next week while we are on vacation. MHP has told me I can make the trip from Bethany into Baltimore. I've been wanting to try rowing ever since I read all Laura Lippman's novels and managed to catch 5 minutes of a BRC special on MPT. Next summer, I'll learn it all!

Audrey and friend wanted to have a picnic today at Christmas Tree Park. They were celebrating the birthday of another friend. They made a card, sandwiches, found the picnic basket while I dug out the linen tablecloth and cloth napkins. They were having a bonafide picnic! We picked the young man up and went to the park. They walked around, played on the slides, and other equipment. I found a nice bench swing in the shade and had an absolutely lovely afternoon, reading the latest James Lee Burke novel. Twenty years ago, when My Handsome Prince and I first moved to the area, I used to go to Christmas Tree Park after work. It was when he was on 3-11 shift. Tuffy the Wonder pup and I would go, she would wander around and I would sit on the bench swing and read. It's a nice park, full of pine trees and typically about 5 degrees cooler. There are the usual park amenities, tennis courts, sand pit for volley ball, slides, swings, and one of those things that goes round and round and usually someone either throws up or gets hurt. They're great!

I am thankful that 90% of my time as a parent has been in the stay at home capacity. I had and still have the freedom to do these things with my kids. Today, I witnessed a grouchy Grandpa with his grandkids, calling the middle boy a sissy and just not pleasant to these kids. What was the point? They weren't doing anything that wasn't childlike. I guess it's the heat, brings out the worst sometimes. But he made a point of telling me that his daughter, their mother, doesn't do anything and he's caregiver 24/7 and it pisses him off! TMI. I also witnessed a daycare group, tired, hot, but on the go, doing things to keep them active and not bored. I am thankful, especially, when the kids I picked up today and yesterday, enter the car, with thank yous and I love yous. I have always been the transporter, the one who gets called from school because an instrument has been left at home and parents can't get it or picked up from work because they can't reach their parents. I'm thankful I am trusted by these kids.

Audrey apologized today for staying at the park so long and me having to pick everyone up. I told her exactly what I have written. It's been a delight!

One more thing, we had a ball at my sister's yesteday. It was especially funny once her husband got home. We all piled up in a small boat, 6 of us, 3 kids, 3 adults. We were laughing so hard! That along with the crazy boat/float races. It's always a hoot going over there!

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Today I was sweating just eating my cheerios. Don't do much, just hang around in my suit, figuring out whose pool to invade. No one comes to mind today. Audrey is flitting around from friend to friend. Yesterday she went to the movies, tonight she is going out to eat with a friend. Tomorrow we will probably invade my sister's house.