Saturday, January 23, 2010

On a Roll

Number 32 - Now I can be dry and cute

Friday, January 22, 2010

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What I Did for Love

Yesterday I crossed the bridge for the third time in three weeks.  The first two inovolved moving furniture, getting Audrey settled, school schedules and banking.  Yesterday was for a funeral.

About 6 or 7 years ago, I met her through the Ensemble.  She was with Avon and the Director's mother.  I volunteered to be make up parent.  A couple years later, she was diagnosed with cancer.  After a choral party at her house, I notice two or three flats of flowers that were not planted and offered to help with that if she wanted it.  I never planted the flowers but we visited a few times, had lunch and talked on the phone.  One thing she told me was that she wanted Emma to sing "What I Did for Love" at her funeral.  It was a piece the Ensemble had done, Emma the soloist with the Ensemble.

A little over a week ago, Emma told me this woman was dying and the family was having a birthday party while she was still alive.  They asked the Ensemble to sing, Emma to sing her solo.  Emma was nervous, both about singing and about getting emotional.  She called after the event to say that she sang directly to Barbara, that they maintained eye contact, smiled at each other, and that it was lovely. 

I went to the funeral yesterday to say goodbye to a friend, because no matter how long she was in my life, it was significant.  I went to the funeral yesterday to support a woman who is a member of both my daughters' village, whose influence has been significant in their lives.  I went to the funeral yesterday to witness some amazing kids (okay adults now) sing from their hearts.  And I went to the funeral yesterday to hear Emma sing "What I Did for Love" and know that it is true for Barbara, for Trish, for Emma, for me, and everyone else there.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's Time to Make a List

  1. Plant sunflowers
  2. Make a bottle tree
  3. Hire a cook
  4. Put my feet in the ocean every month
  5. Make a friend
  6. Inspire others
  7. Knit on the porch at the Conference Center
  8. Watch the sunrise on the beach
  9. Buy a thermos to drink my coffee on the beach
  10. Watch the sunset over the bay
  11. Host a party
  12. Frame photos of me and My Handsome Prince (idea from Li'l Sis and her hubby)
  13. CPR recertification
  14. Let go  - a reminder every year
  15. Go Ice skating or roller skating
  16. Take a creative class
  17. Drink water
  18. Take a vacation - didn't really happen for me in 2009
  19. Still need those cowboy boots
  20. Go for hikes
  21. Ride my bike to work one day a week
  22. Ride the ferries on the eastern shore
  23. Make more lists
  24. Have our family photo taken
  25. Buy some houseplants and try not to kill them
  26. Buy fresh flowers from the house on my way to work
  27. Knit, knit, knit
  28. Visit my girls and explore their area
  29. Invite someone over for coffee
  30. Leave a May basket somewhere
  31. Make room for the unnexpected
  32.  Buy decent rain boots
  33. Organize recipes in a hanging file box
  34. Have dinner at Blue Coast
  35. Go for rides in My Handsome Prince's Model T Roadster Deluxe
  36. Have a crafternoon
  37. Chalk art with a group at the Conference Center
  38. Sew myself some loungewear
  39. Find a photobooth and have our picture taken
  40. Bake more cookies
  41. Wear more color
  42. Go to the beach on a full moon night
  43. Handwrite letters
  44. Kiss My Handsome Prince everyday
  45. See my friend Randee
  46. Listen to local music
  47. Use my crockpot
There I've said it, 47 intentions but pay close attention to number 31 because it may preclude one or more of the others.  I do like Andrea's number 24 and will contemplate that one.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

In Reverse

Self centered knitting

The birthday gift

The snow, again

The birthday dinner place that was closed

Audrey's new digs

The cold

yarn by the pound  sale (this is only a fraction of what I purchased)

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Times They are a Changin'

Today was the official day I woke up alone.  My Handsome Prince gone to work, the dogs sleeping, nothing different except the knowledge.  And in a moment of self indulgent pity, I cried. 

Friday, January 01, 2010


In 2009 three of us made the permanent move to Dagsboro, one of us will leave.

In 2009 Audrey made the transition from junior in high school to senior in high school to freshman in college.

In 2009 Emma continued the journey to independence and adulthood by purchasing a new car. Yes the Green Machine, Snot Rocket, Skittle, whatever you want to call it is gone, sniff.

In 2009 Dana left one non-profit entity for another and became the Manager of the Christian Church Conference Center in Bethany Beach, a place in our family history and hearts.

In 2009 Patrick narrows his commute and eliminates rush hour.

In 2009 we reunited with friends for whom we played match maker, one of whom was part of our wedding, and who ironically live in Bethany Beach.

In 2009 we become card carrying members of the Dogfish Head Mug Club.

In 2009 we do not choose our community of people, it chooses us and it is good.

In 2009 we are multicultural spending time building houses in Mexico and our summer with The Czech Student Group.

In 2009 we sell our house on Deep Run Road after much uncertainty.

In 2009 Patrick acquires his Grand Daddy’s 1931 Model A Roadster Deluxe, a piece of history and a piece of his heritage.

In 2010 we look forward to change, to challenges, to joys, to visitors, to new traditions, and much, much more. We hope you are a part of it.

Patrick, Dana, Emma and Audrey