Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Twenty Five Whys

In Celebration and Recognition of 25 years

  1. The sound of your voice, still soothing
  2. The way we laugh at the very same thing without really saying it out loud
  3. Emma
  4. Audrey
  5. Eating stuffed shells on our anniversary even though we've eaten them all season, you'll still eat them again
  6. Mutual love of good music, even when my "thing" isn't quite your "thing"
  7. Appreciation of good beer
  8. You follow the rule of last one out of bed makes the bed
  9. The way you look at me sometimes with admiration, respect and desire
  10. Your resiliency
  11. Devotion to family
  12. Your encouragement and confidence in me whether it be taking on a new job, going to school, knitting or dreadlocks
  13. The way you age, so handsomely
  14. Your ability, ease and patience to talk with just about anybody, especially now with the numerous people with whom we come in contact
  15. Your creativity and tolerance for my creative mess
  16. Constant communication with texts, emails, and phone calls
  17. The way you smell the back of my neck
  18. Your morning hugs
  19. The way we hold hands still, with each other and our children
  20. How we go to bed every night at the same time 90% of the time (my falling asleep to a movie does not count)
  21. Your faithfulness and servitude to God and your country
  22. You take care of yourself
  23. You take care of us
  24. Your pool entry technique which is just one example of enjoying life
  25. Your sensitivity and reaction to things that touch you
This is just a sampling of the reasons I love My Handsome Prince.   Happy Anniversary.