Saturday, December 31, 2011

The List

Things I've been thinking about.
  • 12 sweaters in 2012 which include one for each of my daughters and one for my husband and all the rest selfishly mine, although a gift sweater or two in there is not unreasonable
  • A pair of socks a month
  • Christmas gift knitting, start early, like May, well at least with one or two items
Photography projects
  • In the Hood
  • Better Days
  • Project 365 - yup, attempting again, what is this number 4? A new camera does this you know
  • Physical albums and online albums organized
  • Alabama Stitch skirt
  • Oh Happy Day Banner
  • Start sewing my way through the Design Your Own Clothes book by Cal Patch
  • Cushions for sofa
Self  - Physical
  • Shed some weight, not putting a number on this
  • Continue walking the dog 2 miles 5 days a week off season, in season too?
  • Practice and learn Yoga with intention
  • Ride 2x a week (right now at 1x a week so 2x is a reasonable goal), possibly do the Salisbury Century
  • Regular massages
  • Dermatologist
  • Dentist
  • Insanity might be too insane but at least try it
Self improvement - mind/spirit
  • Get certified - either PT or Group Fitness - should not be that difficult
  • Take college class or two
  • Go back to rug school in Cape May
  • Meditate - goes along with the Yoga and intention above
  • Read/listen to poetry
  • Write what I know'
  • Sunset on the bay
  • Tackle the kitchen - needs paint, tile, but how much more after that?
  • Reupholster couch in living room - already have fabric for cushions - check out Happy Chairs
  • Learn household finances
  • Locate and update wills
  • Check and update passport if necessary
  • Garages - yeah right
  • Garage gym
  • Input all backlogged finances
  • Make a What's cooking today board
  • Make a Prayer bulletin board
  • Contemplate, pray and work within reason - not sure what I really mean with this just know that I need a new attitude
  • Around deck needs to be weeded, planted and mulched REAL GOOD
  • Plant sunflowers on the side of the house again
  • Stabilize and straighten antique sink and plant around
  • Fig tree in a pot
  • Clothesline
  • Sandy fire pit area
  • Build one raised bed
  • Large tropical plants for corners of the pool
  • Large umbrella for corner of pool
  • Take time for a getaway with my husband
  • Take time for a getaway with my family
  • Continue fun weekends with the girls and their boys
  • Baltimore once a month to visit someone
  • Vito and Kerry over for dinner and games
  • Genny and Dave over for dinner and games
  • Teach my daughters to drive a manual transmission
  • Take my Jeep onto the beach
  • Sundays at Herring Point once in a while

This list will continue to grow and grow and grow.  It's just things that come to mind, some may materialize and others will obviously not.  While not a stranger to lists, The Thrifty Knitter makes an Uber list every year.  I'm taking notes.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Learning to Ride

I talked to my Uncle a month or so ago.  Whenever I talk to him he asks me if I am riding and always seems a bit surprised,  maybe even disappointed when I answer no.  He rides all the time, seriously.  Like 90% of the days of the year.  In the mid west.  He's 70ish.  What's my excuse?

I used to ride. a lot. I loved to ride, to watch, to smell, to listen.  I had my favorite rides that I knew how to lengthen when I felt strong or shorten when felt tired or weak.  I loved to climb, yes I did, because I knew I could coast downhill and rest.  I was slim and strong.

I'm not sure what has been holding me back, a fear of some sort.  So today, even when the wind almost whipped the storm door out of my hands, rather than go inside, I stepped out of that fear, that zone.  I rode and laughed and cussed at the wind.

I'm learning to love to ride again.  I am learning the less traveled paths, sans dogs and that don't dead end into a body of water.  I'm learning to ride in colder weather because that is the time I have.  I'm learning to love the wind as it challenges me, strengthens me. And of course I love that wind as it pushes me home.  I love to cross the water, it never ceases to amaze me and bring me peace.  I love the smell of scrub pines.  Yes, I'm learning to love to ride again but I will never, ever, ever love the smell of chicken farms.