Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mowing Meditations

  • Dang!  I'm already tired of this.
  • Wish I could get the hang of the zero turn
  • How many calories does this burn, I wonder?
  • Stand tall, chest open, shoulders back and down, pelvis in, crown of head reaching toward the sky
  • I hope Honey hasn't escaped the back deck
  • I'm really thirsty
  • Dammit Jim!  Forgot the sunscreen.
  • Should I go get 10 bags of mulch when I'm done mowing?
  • I love to knit - that baby sweater is going to be so cute!
  • Should I mow Jimmy Stewarts lawn?
  • This is our little spot on this earth, take joy in taking care of it
  • What's for dinner?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday Haiku

A cup of coffee
then off to work I go
While Honey stands guard

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Walking on Sunshine

This makes me incredibly happy these days.  It was Easter weekend with our girls, their boys and their dogs, My Handsome Prince and his cool ride

Other items on the list today
  • The truck being street legal
  • A clean, well stocked kitchen
  • Opening day of the Farmer's Market
  • Glenn, from the CSA, who didn't recognize me at first, called me back and wanted to touch my hair
  • Seeing a friend from DFH while driving with a smile so big and a wave so huge he hung out of the car to do it
  • Coming home to a manicured lawn courtesy of my two wonderful neighbors
  • Izze Clementine soda
  • The promise of watching Glee while knitting mittens from leftover bits of yarn that are turning out so cool
  • Returning to the blogging world

The Long Road

We left mid afternoon on Saturday to drive to Martinsburg WV to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of Auntie and Uncle.  We had just made the trip across the bridge 48 hours earlier for MHP's follow up at Hopkins.  These drives are long, mostly pleasant, allowing us to listen to good music, good programs, or have interesting, sometimes heated, conversation.  We discussed what our T-shirts would say (did you watch Glee?) and talked about the party we were attending, looking forward.  The party was a grand affair, good food, good drinks, lots of conversation, nostalgic and fun, for Auntie and Uncle are fun people.  On the long road home, we had the girls with us, we were laughing and joking, talking about the evening, revelling in the good time and in family.  And then Audrey asked quietly "Daddy, do you ever get mad?"  So quietly, it had to be asked again or maybe it wasn't understood the first time, but it was clear the second.  And we all listened to his answer.  How he is frustrated in being told what to do or what he can't do, how not knowing whether this was his last surgery or not, or realizing that most likely it was not, or how the cancer will or will not spread.  Yet he remains positive, hopeful, resting all in the caring hands of a young Doctor who lights up when he sees him and calls him Buddy, enjoying life the way he knows how, all of us knowing it's a long road, yet taking that long road, willingly for there is joy along the way.