Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We started dance lessons again. What do you think of our smooth, new moves?

Dance Lessons

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Best Cook in Sussex County

or so she claims. It was a pretty good breakfast. We went to the new Dagsboro Cafe that has changed ownership since we bought our house. It was a friendly place baked goods that looked delicious! I was so stuffed from my breakfast special that the though of goodies just sent me over the edge. I told this woman I would put her on the internet, so I did.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Mug

I've been accused of being an obnoxiously happy blogger. I found this mug while out running errrands today. Perfect.
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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's Only Tuesday

Last week it was "Where did the week go?" this week it's Holy crap, it's only Tuesday! I'm sore, Pilates is kicking my ass. When I told my BFFL, she wipe imaginary tears, so sympathetic. I made a mental list over the weekend of some of the things I wanted to get done. .I contacted the neurosurgeon, spent hours on the phone tracking down all my records from the accident, and still do not have an appointment. I'm hoping they will call back tomorrow. I did manage to make my OB/GYN appointment, for which I am 1 year overdue. The mamogram will follow. Sometimes it is difficult to take care of yourself. I had coffee with my neighbor which we rarely do anymore. Along with the coffee I was given a taste of her husband's homemade sangria wine. I'm looking forward to this weekend, fresh fruit, and sitting out in the pool with a chilled glass. Still a few items on the to do list, car repair, pick up films, take belt to be repaired, CPR renewal, and I am sure something else.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Just Messin'

An early awakening, an excited trip to the airport. Audrey is with a group of more than 20 youth travelling to San Diego and Los Angeles. They will work with Habitat for Humanity in San Diego then they will attend ICYF in Los Angeles. She will go straight from California to Delaware to spend another week at camp. Emma is gone, counselling. My Handsome Prince went to church this morning, our paths just barely crossing. On my playlist today: Jurassic Five, Michael Franti, and Abigail Washburn, an odd mix, I know. I put together 8 banners along with instructions to make an encouraging banner to send off to Rubarb, along with a couple packs of markers and a box of pencils. This will be my first package to them. It's taken me a while to get my act together, not that it is together now. I made 4 cloth napkins, the fabric a remnant from a skirt I made last year. I finished the latest Janet Evanovich. I'm considering pulling out some counted cross stitch or even start sketching out a rug to hook, or continue knitting my duffel. No specific direction, just messin'.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Where Did the Week Go?

It's Friday already. It's been tough getting into the swing of things, getting back to work, back at another home. Two significant birthdays have come and gone . I've managed to make it in to Pilates 3 days this week, what a difference that makes. That mind, body, spirit connection really helps. I need to find a local yoga class. I feel these more concentrated exercise forms are som much kinder on my body. Cycling and strength workouts are not doing me any favors right now. I primarily just observe my class particpants because I'm still in some discomfort. I've got a summer cold. On the bright side, I sit here in the sunroom with a lovely breeze blowing through and watch the hummingbirds at the feeder. This is the first time I've put it up. What a wonder they are. I've got a massage scheduled for tomorrow. My daughters leave for their service trips, one to California to work with Habitat for Humanity, one to camp to counsel elementary school age children. I have to work again this afternoon, just attending rather than teaching. It will be a slow afternoon. My daughters are working on my hair right now, one is making dreads one is making a hair wrap. Then we will all go our separate ways.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Guess Who is 50?

My Handsome Prince! I hosted a small, flexible surprise party at Ellicott Mills Brew Pub. He was doing some volunteer work in Catonsville, so I invited everyone to meet us early at this local joint. I think we had approximately 30 people walk in during our evening. We kept moving tables together to add more. We ate, we drank, MHP cried when his sister presented him with a shadow box of his life, including a photo of his precious Grandad. It was a nice evening. He doesn't look fifty, does he?
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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Notes From Camp

  • a beautiful sunrise over the ocean, a first for me, followed by worship
  • What do I think I am doing?
  • staff, in silly bathing caps, doing a synchronized swimming skit
  • Leader, minister on the ground in a fit of laughter over a bathing cap mishap
  • Always, the sound of music, drum, harmony, guitars
  • Voices like angels
  • the realization that I was a counselor for the seniors this year, twelve years ago when they were first graders
  • watching my daughter shine in the comfort and love of camp
  • hearing the words that my daughter makes someone's heart soar
  • Going back to my camp days and participating in a shaving cream battle that I never did in my youth
  • Boys serenade to the girls, along with flowers on their beds, brought tears to my eyes
  • Youth, not afraid to admit their faith, not afraid to question their faith, answering tough questions of faith
  • Team building exercise, stealing blocks, watching them work together to cross, their laughter, their teamwork, their caring
  • talent show, our Czech republic cooks, taking part with a recital of Jabberwocky and a yo-yo demonstration
  • staff meetings
  • pure exhaustion
  • the view from the porch
  • an interesting young peace intern, joining our staff at the last minute, totally at ease with us and us with him
  • seeing the future and its good
  • Its all good

Saturday, July 05, 2008


Last night, the girls and I ventured into town, again, to view the fireworks. We had it planned out. We have a parking pass for the Conference Center, so graciously given by the manager, but neglected to think it might be used for parking during this festivity. No go there. So, with the masses, we searched for a parking spot, found one about a mile away is my guess. Then we trudged with the masses to the beach and boardwalk, oh, and we were meeting our neighbor from Manchester (literally, he lives a few houses away), an impossibility. We found our spot, on the boardwalk and saw the most fantastic fireworks ever! We were right under the launching spot, so much so that ash fell on us and we had to move away after a while. They were wonderful, so wonderful, and at the end, we met our friend. A light rain began to fall, so rather than hang out, we again, with the masses, trudged back. As we did, thunder started to roll and lightening lit the sky, and then we got pelted! I mean pelted with hard, tiny bullets of rain. There was not one inch of dryness on any of us. My girls have such a good sense of humor, and we laughed, called it an adventure, and kept walking. Not so with others, that's for sure. It took us an hour to drive the 10 mile trek home. We chalked it up as something we probably won't do again but, oh, what an experience it was. We got home, put on our warmest jammies, and promptly went to bed.

Friday, July 04, 2008

1966-67 Harvey IL July 4th Parade

As a kid, I remember going to Harvey 4th of July parades, my Grandparents living in Harvey, Ill, down from the Scott store. My Grandmother just moved out a couple years ago. When My Handsome Prince and I moved to Manchester Md, we hosted parties on our front porch for the parade, as our house was on the route. Today we went to the parade in Bethany Beach. Great fun!

The Annual Pilgrimage

This year 4 families camped and stayed together for 6 days, 4 other families joined for the weekend or 24 hours.

I'll admit, I was not psyched this year. With the house on the shore, all I want to do is stay there. Entering into Lewes, Delaware though, my heart soaring, a smile across my face, home away from home, for so many years. Three families were already set up and waiting for me with dinner. Entering the primary campsite, kids all around, manses tending the fire, my little sister setting up her camp, a family reuinion. Ahhhh.

My oldest, being buried in the sand, stated she liked hanging with the kids because they liked to have fun. Then her boyfriend arrived and she went back to being 20, with a little kid mixed in.

We climbed the Observation Tower

Found messages in the sand, one to someone we knew

Here are the tower climbers - that is my goofy handsome prince and his BFFB

This scene caught my eye, cheese balls - breakfast of champions

Just chillin' while Emma takes all the kids to the beach, drinking the best beer ever - Dogfishhead 90 minute IPA, whoa!

We had the usual mega meals over the fire, including a roast with corn, black beans, salsa, served with homemade tortillas and donuts over the fire, massive amounts of pork products, chicken bbq, a mexican bake, blueberry cobbler, and so much more.

We played Capture the Flag (I did not - as I was packing up, plus I just did not think it was in my best interest with some back and neck issues still in the picture), Four Square (although it was not started until a few days into the trip, and only started because one young lady remarked she was disappointed in MHP because he did not set it up), Geocaching, finding a hidden lily pond in the great expanse of dunes, trips into town for shoppy shop, and late night trips into town for DQ

We also had green flies, no see-ums, heat, and the required emergency room visit (by My Handsome Prince with mystery blister and swelling on his foot that kept getting worser and worser - antiobiotics and lancing did the trick). T-shirts are in the thought process - Member of Bebe Medical Center Emergency Room Club.

We had a shower off, a competition of who could last the longest without a shower. It was always a debate as to what was legal and what was not, although one child wished to believe that brushing teeth was against the rules but it was set straight that NOT brushing was against the rules. All in all, we did not last long, with sweat, sand, salt, and smoke, although one lady,who will remain anonymous, went the whole week without a shower with soap or washcloths but rinsed everyday. Maybe she was the winner, with the exception of a child who did nothing but I'm not sure that is fair.

Another great camp.