Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Shawl Love

I bought this yarn before he got sick.  After he died, I wanted some mindless, therapy, self centered knitting.  After all, it was just Christmas and there was some gift knitting.  After I cast on, I realized the color of the shawl was similar to the brown in his coat.  So I've named this after him. 

He was an original dog, kind of odd looking, handsome in his own way.  Years ago, when he was a young dog, we were out walking him.  A woman stopped us, commented on how handsome he was and said, word for word "He's got the colorings of a small dog" . What the hell does that mean? We haven't stopped laughing since! 

Anyway, I present, Colorings of a Small Shawl, warm, comforting to the heart and body.  I am just loving this. sigh. 


Texan said...

ewww I like it girly!! Love the pewter pin you have on it too!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely lovely.

Jnette7 said...

Very beautiful. We too just lost our "old man" Rylee. He was 14. I have been trying to think of something to do to remember him by. You have inspired me to do this.