Saturday, August 06, 2011

Practicing My Purpose

I've struggled this season about my job.  I've had a good season.  It started well, continued well, and don't foresee any major issues, as opposed to the last two seasons (which were challenging beyond reason on retrospection).  My struggle comes from sacrifice.  I miss my girls, being there for them, assisting them.  I miss my husband and our social life. I miss the rest of my family and the guests who visit my home.  I miss kayaking, biking, vacationing, knitting guild, friends and basically a normal life.  I miss being selfish.

This week I had 67 guests, 54 teenagers.  During the week I received via email this video from my friend, my former minister, and guest of the Conference Center

with the reminder to keep "practicing my purpose".  Today those 67 guests were leaving.  At breakfast I left the main building where our meals are served.  As I walked back towards the building, I notice the teens were all sitting quietly, getting their cleaning instructions from their counselors or so I assumed.  As I tried to enter the room discreetly, they all stood, clapping loud and long.  I received a standing ovation.  And once again, a group of teenagers touch my life so incredibly, so closely, that there is no ignoring the purpose.  And so my struggles are quiet for the moment.

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Texan said...

Always good to know others struggle with the decision of working or not working outside the home! I too have said "am I just selfish" is that what this is about? I don't think so. Its just simply a tough decision...