Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Taking it Back

My heart, mind and body have spent 7 months caring for My Handsome Prince and my girls. My heart, mind and body have spent 5 seasons caring for the guests of the conference center. Now I am claiming some of my free time for me. My heart is free to love without worry, my mind allowed to day dream, and my body to work hard for my own benefit.
I hired a personal trainer. I hired her because she reminded me of me in my fitness days, fun, bossy, motivating, and knowledgeable. I guess I am tooting my own horn as much as hers. We met today for the first time. We are working outside for as long as possible with minimal equipment, a huge, heavy rope, TRX, and a mat.  What a glorious day to work out outside! What a challenging workout! Tomorrow I'm own my own with a brisk walk on the beach sans dogs with gallon jugs of water in each hand. She's gonna kick my ass and I'm going to love it!

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Paya said...

Mama, you are incredibly completely wonderful!!! Thank you for being such a huge life inspiration for me. Much love