Sunday, August 08, 2010

Dear Mr. Anders Osborne

I can't wait to see you.  It's been too long, my friend.  And now you are coming to my Thursday night hangout, on a thursday!  You rock so I knit.  You never fail to deliver just what is necessary, so with this simple hat, I hope to do the same.  While I knit I give back all the energy, inspiration, healing, praise, joy, stories of the human spirit, and redemption from heartache and sorrow, that your music reveals to me (and a little dog hair, sorry).  I knit hoping that if and when you wear this hat, the knowledge of how your music touches souls warms your soul.  I know a wool hat is probably the last thing you need living in New Orleans but it will keep you warm as you travel to colder climates.  I'm sure you will look equally as handsome wearing this hat as my husband did modelling it for me.  Enjoy!  Rock on.

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