Saturday, November 18, 2006

Miss me?

That was the email I received yesterday morning, while in the basement, doing laundrey, checking blogs, and general puttering. Would you like to guess who that was from? My Handsome Prince, upstairs in the lounge. I was gone maybe an hour.

Images from our week at home:

Nightime shuffling from bed, to recliner, to sofa, trying to find that position
Mornings, Audrey quietly getting ready for school
coffee together every morning
Afternoon Delight, consisting of a movie and and a long nap
Good food that only I ate
rain, rain, and more rain with wind
Evening movie
Crying over an email
Trying to watch "Jackass" and turning it off within the first 5 minutes because it made him laugh
A slow walk down the road
Emma's room, The Lounge, being a nest and haven for all of us
Us, one holding the other in time of need

Walker, Texas Ranger

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