Saturday, November 04, 2006

Thrifting with Audrey

Audrey decided that she wanted to go thrift shopping on Saturday. Her purpose: A pair of jeans. Audrey definitely has her own sense of style and while still in the mainstream fashion, wants her own edge to it. We started at a local place that I had totally forgotten about where I bought this treasure. Someone's knitting book with a copyright of 1950, notes and notecards included for...$.50! Even if I don't use it, it's a treasure. I also picked up a Lands End cotton sweater and a pair of capri/gauchos or whatever you call them. Next stop a high end consignment shop where I bought a formal gown, cheap! Audrey remarked she liked how I'm the one buying stuff and she was the one who wanted to go shopping. Nothing gets by her. Although we did not buy any thrift stuff for her, she did manage to find some shoes for $1 and other items, not so cheap. Another time. We finished the day with an early dinner of burgers and fries and a movie at home.

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