Thursday, September 06, 2007

Our Work

Audrey's photo in the middle of photos at the State Fair

My rug, displayed upside down (which totally pisses me off and baffles me - doesn't it look upside down? Weren't the rings a hint as to how it is to hang?)with a participant ribbon. Once home the ribbon was an Honorable Mention. I'm cool with that, just not the upside down thing.

Emma's creation from an old window. She needs artwork in her apartment, the walls are bare.

At Eulala's funeral, Shorty wanted a piece of pie but state he would be too full after he finished his meal. Enough said?


weirdbunny said...

Such a creative family !!!!

You must be so proud. Can I just say that old window transformed into art work is a genius idea!

Fancy putting your rag rug the wrong way around !

And Audrey's photograph is wonderful ... Julia x

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Audrey. I have my award winning photography by Audrey Miller framed and hanging in my office. I framed it in a black frame with white mat and inside black border mat and it looks great. I predict someday Audrey will become a well known photographer. Good job Audrey. Love Aunt Phyllis