Friday, April 25, 2008


When Emma was little, before Audrey was born or right about the time, she had a small stuffed animal. A dalmation she named Lucky. He was dubbed Lucky because he fell overboard a boat and we were able to retrieve him.

Today I am the lucky one.

They say most car accidents occur within a certain mile radius of your home. Thursday, while waiting to make a left hand turn onto my road, I happened to glance in my rearview mirror and see a truck, speeding towards me, not going around me. With a car coming the opposite direction, my turn was not possible, and so I blared my horn, and terrified, knew I was going to be hit. If you have ever been knocked out by a strong wave in the ocean, where you don't know right side up from wrong, front from back, side to side, and don't even have recollection of where you are or what is happening. Yup, that's it. All of this in a manner of seconds. My first reaction was to yell at the other driver. I was furious at him for being so totally unobservant. Then I was restrained by people on the scene, telling me not to move my head, neck or back. My neighbor and Y member Christina just happened to be walking her dog when she heard the crash. She spoke to me, carressed my arm and kissed me before the ambulance took me away. I was strapped into place, neck brace, head taped, restraints on arms and legs and taken to the hospital. No phone, no purse, no sanitary supplies, nobody, alone, I cried.

Friday night I attended the play "Seusical" that my youngest has been participating in. I cried before the show even started, knowing I was lucky to be there. The song "How Lucky You Are" was sung in various situations. Saturday I attended my oldest's concert at the university, and again the tears came. One of the numbers the choir did opened with these words, each one held "Sing, Be, Live, See". I rejoiced.

My Handsome Prince went to see his car and gather belongings from it. He said there is nothing from the front seat back, that it does not exist. I'm thankful that I was not transporting children, that my dogs were not free in the car. I'm sorry for my anger at the other driver. I am thankful to the caring people on the scene attending to me and the other driver. There are many emotions running through me.

Now I sit here in the sunroom on my computer and My Handsome Prince on his computer. The puppies are all around us. We will again attend "Suesical". We will buy our sweet daughter her favorite ice cream on the way home. We may have overnight guests. Our life does not change but yet it does.
I still hurt, my neck, my ribs, my head, my eye, my vision is slightly blurred. I've spent many hours just sleeping, a deep sleep. I will go back to work tomorrow, back to school. We head to Jazz fest next week. Arrangements to make and more. I have this black eye to remind me over the next week or so. How lucky am I?


Anonymous said...

I cried when I read your post. I ane lucky to still have my daughter

Mama Chelly, Abalicious, Ckarl and Bino said...

I agree with Mother. I am so lucky to have my have you.

Runner Gurl said...

Biker gurl.... I am speechless. I've never even met you in person, and I feel SO lucky to still have you here... right here.

*hugging you*


Rabbit Stitchings said...

Oh my gosh, I am really glad to hear your okay! Someone looking out for you girly! But then I am sure you already thought that :O)....

Runner Gurl said...

Ok, biker gurl.... I need an update. I need to hear you are alright. Pretty please.


Anonymous said...


This is a little late, but I can't tell you how wonderful it was seeing you stand tall and confident last Sunday morning with Audrey beside you at Temple when I got there on my way home.