Sunday, August 24, 2008

Last Days of Summer

For almost a mile before the Monkton entrance to the NCR trail, the cars are parked, some legally, and some illegally. The police are out ticketing, people are walking with their tubes, bikes, coolers, small children, and dogs. In a grassy sloped area we meet, close to 50 people to float down the Gunpowder river. There are big tubes, small boats, a pool float, snow tubes, tubes too small for an adult, and a tube for a cooler. I boasted about my bigger and better tube to my sister and then gave it to my daugher who took Apple floating. My tube was the one that was too small for an adult. Pilates has never been so good to know. The water was cold but not unbearable, at least at first. It seemed an endless task to gather everyone in the water to float, somewhat, together. I was quite bitter at first. My expectations high with my family home, , PMS rearing its ugly head, a sugar and caffeine rush, the girls complaining, My Handsome Prince not inflating our tubes, running late and my bigger tube turning into a smaller tube. Could it get any worse? But, floating has a peaceful influence, even with the water full of people. Laughter has a healing touch. Even losing our car key to the river at the end did not disrupte my calmed attitude. Yes, we lost our key, but the random kindness of strangers got us into the truck where I just happened to have another key that I would not ordinarily have. Karma. We ended the float at my sisters house, good food, good beer, good fellowship. A surprise visit by my Auntie, an expected visit with my father, another surprise visit by my mother, and chatting with old friends and making new. Ahhh, the last days of summer.

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