Thursday, January 08, 2009

Yesterday it was My Birthday

Yesterday it was my birthday

I hung one more year on the line

I should be depressed

My life's a mess

But I'm havin' a good time

- Paul Simon

Well, not really, I shouldn't be depressed, but my life is always a mess. But I'm having a good time. This is us at the airport, waiting in line, sending Emma off to Scotland and England to sing. What a lucky girl. I spent 8 hours, again, in the car, driving to Dulles, waiting, driving home. Not exactly my idea of fun, but somehow we manage to make it fun. We laugh, we take photos, we tell stories.

It's time for the list again. In reviewing last year's birthday list, at first I was a bit disappointed that I did not realize about half, but then I recognized the fact that what I did accomplish took quite a bit of effort, mainly school, so I'm ok with that.

46 Things to do do before I turn 46

  1. Music - expereience some new, still look for some old favorites. Being a bit more vague because if an artist does not come to town, then it becomes a bit more difficult, I still want to see Ozomatli and Anders again. Michael is already scheduled.

  2. Continue my college education

  3. I NEED to finish more unfinished creative projects so will try to keep a running tab on what I manage to accomplish - Be more aggresive in posting to Use What You Have

  4. Take a photography class

  5. Take a photoshop class

  6. Continue with Project 365

  7. Resume Self Portrait Challenge

  8. Sell our house

  9. rent an apartment for the next year, this is so we only own one house

  10. Get a job for the summer on the eastern shore

  11. Publish my blogs (a must!)

  12. Make peace with my demons/people. Accept them for who/what they are and move on

  13. Travel - Puerto Rico is on the horizon, so is Mexico and New York, still want to go to Philadelpia, maybe a trip to Chicago to visit family, a music festival somewhere (New Orleans is always a possibility but would like something new, too)

  14. Local Museums - including the Visionary Arts, BMA, Holocaust

  15. Go ice skating - that's a bee in my bonnet for the last week or so

  16. Spend more time with my sister

  17. Join or start a creative group - the women's retreat never happened and maybe that's too big - start small with a group that meets weekly/monthly/or quarterly

  18. Buy some new cowboy boots, oh yeah

  19. Go for walks

  20. Continue exploring the eastern shore

  21. Kayak

  22. Ride, ride, ride

  23. Be kind to myself

  24. Continue to purge, including clutter and weight - an ongoing process

  25. Annual mash and flash

  26. Build a fire pit or two, one at each house?

  27. Get back on the blogging wagon

  28. Physical challenge - Either the 10K with Peach or the Seagull Century with some Y people or both

  29. Do something that scares me - might need to do some research on this one or not- there are many things that scare me

  30. Organize recipes

  31. Organize photos

  32. Organize clippings

  33. Order ACE certification materials

  34. Zumba certification?

  35. Drink more water

  36. Service projects - Charlottes hats, Santas Helpers Anonymous, Rubarb

  37. Spend more time with my parents

  38. Attend church at Lansdowne (once a month?)

  39. Etsy shop

  40. Bake bread

  41. Yoga more than once

  42. Talk to strangers

  43. Hook a rug

  44. Speak spanish

  45. Take time to play, play games, play creatively,

  46. Host a party down the shore

And there you have it. That's a mighty big list. Again, some things will happen and some will not (like those organizing ones, dang! they are no fun, but need to be done). I may review and make changes. The point is to make the list and see what it brings.


Anonymous said...

How about adding a day visiting your auntie in West Virginia, or better yet, go to Philadelphia with your auntie and uncle to visit the National Constitution Museum where your uncle is the body cast for Benjamin Franklin statue!

Take up "people watching" as a hobby when you have to spend so much time waiting in lobbies or airports.

Love you and glad you had an interesting birthday.

Auntie in WV

Dana said...

Excellent idea! Let's go to Philly! Of course a visit to WV is in order too. Maybe I should change it to spend more time with my FAMILY. Love you.

Mama Chelly, Abalicious, Ckarl and Bino said...

I'm in for Philly, too!
Our exchange student would love that and there probably already is a trip in the works through the school. I'll let you know the date when I hear.
How about hosting a bunch of Chinese high school students for a day at the beach?

Anonymous said...

NIce things to have in your radar for yourself and others! :) Myself I am in for the cowboy boots buying-giddy up. Yoga-yes. Drink more water-mmm. Se habla espanol? Un poquito. Tu? Muy bien.

Rabbit Stitchings said...

Yours is the 7th mine is the 8th :O)... I am thinking we are doing okay girly!! We are living life, not sitting on the sidelines... :O)... here is to us!!

More goats at my house ... I am totally in love at this point with these fat fur babies :O)...I think I missed my calling all these years... a goat herder at heart...who knew!!!!

Rabbit Stitchings said...

my list would say things to do before I turn 45... one year behind ya girly......