Monday, December 14, 2009

Mmmmmm, Pork

We walked in and immediately the hostess asked if we were there for the Pork Dinner, to which we answered yes.  As we walked through the bar, Linda from behind the bar smiled and said "Hey guys, good to see you again!"  We walked upstairs and Olivia was at the top of the steps, another smile, another glad you are here.  We've become regulars, which feels good.  We were seated at a table for 4 so knew we would have dinner companions.  We had wondered how they would host this dinner.  Within a few minutes, James and Brian sat at our table.  The room was full, loud, animated, anticipatory.  Sam, the owner, brewmaster,  made his rounds, greeting everyone, spending a bit of time at every table.  Jason, the manager, made some announcements, some introductions, and the dinner began.

First Course, a charcuterie platter, three types of dried meats on baguette with a sampling of beer with each variety, my favorite being a chorizo served with none other than a 90 minute IPA

Second Course, a spinach salad, with toffeed pecans, chorizo,mango dressing paired with a full glass of 60 minute IPA

Third Course, warm dates stuffed with goat cheese, wrapped with proscuitto, fresh sprouts on top, and sweet balsamic vinegar trailing the plate, a small surprise sampling of Life and Limb, the collaboration of Dogfish Head and Sierra Nevada, and a small glass of Indian Brown Ale

Fourth Course, garlic infused bacon wrapped around a pork tenderloin, served on a bed of bacon grits, crunchy fried onions on top, served with a glass of Raison D'Etre, oh and a shot of peanut butter, bacon vodka, a salute to Elvis

And lastly, chocolate bacon cheesecake served with a snifter of World Wide Stout

Is that enough pork for you?  I think My Handsome Prince ate every bit, with the exception of a small piece of chocolate dipped bacon which we brought home to Audrey.  Me, not so much, although I did some damage.

Our dinner companions were delightful, conversation easy and pleasant, talking of various things.  They gave us some great tips on local food.  We exchanged emails, facebook, cell, and blog information.  I hope to see them again.

The theme next month is Indian cuisine.  It's a possibility.  We left after chatting up the chef and the organizer, Olivia said she hoped she would see us before Christmas.  We told her we'd see her next week, we still have Dogfish Head theme shopping to do and growlers to pick up.

Pork is usually a favorite when camping.  I think chocolate dipped bacon will be on the menu next trip.  Who knew it could be so good?


Anonymous said...

Truly sounds interesting and fun.

Texan said...

Lots of piggy at that dinner!

Thinking a vegetarian might have needed to pack a lunch for that one! tee hee ;O)...

Sounds like ya'll had a good time!

Anonymous said...

Take me with you next time!! Pleaaase :))) Paya

Anonymous said...

Dogfish Head Brewery was featured on the Food Network... or Discovery Travel just the other day as a small successful brewery with unique flavors! I started to miss the East Coast - I want a taste!