Friday, January 01, 2010


In 2009 three of us made the permanent move to Dagsboro, one of us will leave.

In 2009 Audrey made the transition from junior in high school to senior in high school to freshman in college.

In 2009 Emma continued the journey to independence and adulthood by purchasing a new car. Yes the Green Machine, Snot Rocket, Skittle, whatever you want to call it is gone, sniff.

In 2009 Dana left one non-profit entity for another and became the Manager of the Christian Church Conference Center in Bethany Beach, a place in our family history and hearts.

In 2009 Patrick narrows his commute and eliminates rush hour.

In 2009 we reunited with friends for whom we played match maker, one of whom was part of our wedding, and who ironically live in Bethany Beach.

In 2009 we become card carrying members of the Dogfish Head Mug Club.

In 2009 we do not choose our community of people, it chooses us and it is good.

In 2009 we are multicultural spending time building houses in Mexico and our summer with The Czech Student Group.

In 2009 we sell our house on Deep Run Road after much uncertainty.

In 2009 Patrick acquires his Grand Daddy’s 1931 Model A Roadster Deluxe, a piece of history and a piece of his heritage.

In 2010 we look forward to change, to challenges, to joys, to visitors, to new traditions, and much, much more. We hope you are a part of it.

Patrick, Dana, Emma and Audrey


Amy said...

What a lovely recap of the last year. Here's to 2010.

Texan said...

Happy New Year!!!

Good Health and continued Happiness to you and your family!

Anonymous said...

I love the picture

Anonymous said...