Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What I Did for Love

Yesterday I crossed the bridge for the third time in three weeks.  The first two inovolved moving furniture, getting Audrey settled, school schedules and banking.  Yesterday was for a funeral.

About 6 or 7 years ago, I met her through the Ensemble.  She was with Avon and the Director's mother.  I volunteered to be make up parent.  A couple years later, she was diagnosed with cancer.  After a choral party at her house, I notice two or three flats of flowers that were not planted and offered to help with that if she wanted it.  I never planted the flowers but we visited a few times, had lunch and talked on the phone.  One thing she told me was that she wanted Emma to sing "What I Did for Love" at her funeral.  It was a piece the Ensemble had done, Emma the soloist with the Ensemble.

A little over a week ago, Emma told me this woman was dying and the family was having a birthday party while she was still alive.  They asked the Ensemble to sing, Emma to sing her solo.  Emma was nervous, both about singing and about getting emotional.  She called after the event to say that she sang directly to Barbara, that they maintained eye contact, smiled at each other, and that it was lovely. 

I went to the funeral yesterday to say goodbye to a friend, because no matter how long she was in my life, it was significant.  I went to the funeral yesterday to support a woman who is a member of both my daughters' village, whose influence has been significant in their lives.  I went to the funeral yesterday to witness some amazing kids (okay adults now) sing from their hearts.  And I went to the funeral yesterday to hear Emma sing "What I Did for Love" and know that it is true for Barbara, for Trish, for Emma, for me, and everyone else there.

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Anonymous said...

Dana, As I emailed you; I learn from you each time I am with you and each time I read what you have written.

Thanks, love Dad