Thursday, April 15, 2010

I've Got Friends In All The Right Places

As usual, I struggle with balance.  Finding the balance of making our place here on the eastern shore and crossing the bridge to be with those we know and love.  Easter was especially hard as we chose to go camping, without our girls, with new friends.  I was saddened yet joyful when I received the annual photo of the cousins. 

Over the past few weeks, though.  I realize there is some balance being achieved.  We've had a revolving door of visitors, coming out for various spring breaks despite the unpredictable weather.  They were coming out to see us.  Monday evening, upon entering the gym after an absence of a week or so, I was greeted by name by several.  I now have a gym community, which of course inspires me to go.  Tuesday, I was sought out by a local friend, who came into the Conference Center to visit and who consequently bought and brought me coneflowers.  Yesterday a new friend came from Salisbury to sit and knit in my office amidst phone calls and guiding visitors and I received a signed autographed copy of this book.

I have friends here and there and in all the right places.  Right where they are supposed to be.

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