Tuesday, June 01, 2010

On the Agenda

It is Tuesday and I am going to the Rehoboth Farmers Market.  I went last week.  My Sister, Sam, and Dad met Audrey, who was visiting for the week, and me there.  It was a delightful day and a wonderful market.  I did not join a CSA this year as pick was too difficult and I didn't use the stuff.  So Farmers Market it is.  That is on todays agenda.

I want to make Papusas and slaw.  Today?  Maybe.

I want to ride.  It's so dang hot, but the crowds have left and it is safer if I ride now.

I want to catch up on my knitting.  I am currently in the process of the second mitten of two different mittens, a ballband dishcloth, and my hourglass sweater.  I need a summer project rather than these heavy winter items.

My one morning of solitude during the week.  The washing machine is going, the living room is straightened, the kitchen is on its way.  The day has started early, thanks to the dogs, so I have a chance.  A chance of accomplishing things, both chores and pastimes. 

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