Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Finding Peace

Not feeling great, I'm in the need of some inner peace these days.  There have been some slight detours in the usual path and more to come. In the Art of Racing in the Rain, the dog Enzo referes to the statement, "That which you manifest is before you." 
So, I make a new batch of bread dough.

I wind this lovely yarn to cast on this for a bit of selfish knitting in the midst of holiday knitting

I finish one and start the other

Listening and loving The Avett Brothers

I light a candle

I finish some gifts but of course am not posting as the receivers are readers

I bake some cookies for my girls as that is what I do when I go to visit them

I love up my pups

And the evening is finished with dinner of spaghetti squash, bread, a pint of stout, the last of Danny Ocean and gang, and of course a cookie or two


Texan said...

Inner Peace..... sometimes that can be a bit tricky, can't it! Hope you find yours :O)...

Jennifer said...

One of our Dogs is a Corgi this a Corgi!? Soooooo cute!