Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Refresh, Restart, Reload

Somewhere along the way, I lost the desire?, ability?, need? to write about the everyday, the ordinary, the mundane and focused on the extraordiary or didn't focus at all.  Today I refresh the screen, reload it and restart my journaling.  I am longing to stay in today, with endless cups of lemon ginger tea, sweats, Oceans 11, 12 and 13 and my knitting.  Walking the dogs was not a pleasant task in horizontal rain and wind that pushes, add to that a dog that is terrified of wind and won't do her duties for what seems a terminable long time.  Agonizing over what to wear to my knitting luncheon as jeans was not an option after last year, and feeling lumpy, I called Li'l Sis, ready to stay home and watch endless George Clooney and drink endless cuppas.  She advised go funky, can't go wrong and so here I am funky, still lumpy but feeling much better about it.  This might take a while to get back into practice.
My Boggs rain boots, brown cotton jersey skirt, long sleeve cotton t, my cool belt from Dad, and the shrug I knit. 

And, no, my room is not messy, just clean clothes and shoes in the frantic pursuit of fashion or funk.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back. Outfit looks good.

Sista Paya said...

Love your cowboy shoes on the floor... :)) & cool outfit! looks cozy :)

Texan said...

Holy Cow girly, did you try on everything you own :O)... and I too like the boots on the floor :O).

Wendy said...

We have the same boots! :)