Monday, February 21, 2011

Savoring and Anticipating

I try to be in the moment as a whole but I can not help but savor the past few days with Li'l Sis
  • Pizza, cask and debut Thursday at DFH
  • Long walks in the 'hood with the pups
  • Thrifting and scoring at Dave's Surplus
  • A visit to the local knit shop and fondling yarn and laughing about projects with the cute owner
  • Walking along Herring Point with the dogs
  • Roberto at the Italian Deli and our delicious hand picked antipasto platter
After she left
  • enjoying my new chair in my knitting corner
  • Mama Mia and our surround system
  • breakfast with old friends who were in the area
  • brewing beer with new friends with the promise of bottling in two weeks
Anticipating this week
  • dinner out with new friends
  • company over for dinner
  • a birthday party at the pub
  • charity sewing
  • a massage
  • a visit from one of my girls
  • farkle with my mentee
  • a walk to The Clayton to see The Kings Speech
Sounds good, doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

Sure does.
a whole lot better than my life.

Texan said...

Yep sounds good!

I am itching to learn the art of wine making! Been reading up on this! Have put in lots of fruit here, maybe this year is the year to try the wine making!

Hope your beer turns out nice!

mama chelly said...

Yay us!
Yay you!
Yay this past weekend!
Yay this coming week!