Friday, January 25, 2013

I Love Technology

Yesterday, between sitting in the waiting room and an examining room in the radiation center of JHH, I was able to talk with The Tunnel Cancer Center, email the medical oncology department of JHH, answer a question, have a question answered, receive emails back, and have records faxed to Delaware. Gotta love the smart phone. Yet the TCC doesn't have the capability to scan and email a document and we have to drive there today. Sheesh. Get with the times.

Everything we do right now is spur of the moment. If you know us, it's a bit difficult as we are planners. There is that word again, flexibility. We received a phone call on wednesday at 3pm-ish (and an email on my smart phone) that Pat's simulation appointment for thursday morning was a go. Insurance was the hold up. They had not approved any treatment. Pat was positioned in a big pillow of little beads and then it was vacuumed to conform to his shape. He also has these stickers on his body for positioning and also for his little tattoo to come later. These stickers are supposed to stay on for the next week and a half! Good luck with that!

Today we have the plan for treatment. Pat will be admitted on Thursday, January 31 for 3 days of chemotherapy. He will have a little more than 24 hours rest and radiation will begin. We are still waiting on details but believe it will be every day for 5 business days. The we will go to our home in Dagsboro to rest and renew. We will have a local support with the Tunnel Cancer Center should we have any questions or concerns.

A smile and a wink, a care bear, some soup and chocolate chip cookies, laughing with our girls, cards from unexpected sources, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, a simple "no" text from a supervisor, are just a few of the things that lift us.


mama chelly said...

...Not as much as you, you see
But still I love technology.
Always and forever.
Always and forever.

Anonymous said...

Just read your blog with Keith Love you all and continuing to pray. Elisabeth and Keith

Auhnette said...

You know I'm thinking of ya'll. Sending prayers up and keeping you on the list! oxoxox

Anonymous said...

Preparing for the process takes as much energy (or more) than the proceedures at times. Take care of YOURSELF! Keeping you all in my prayers. Mary H.

Molly's Family said...

We read your latest blog. We are keeping you in our prayers. Take care. Molly's Family

p.s. Molly sends a woof woof to Honey!