Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I've learned how to prepare for a storm. I've boarded up buildings, tied up furniture, stockpiled food and water, taped windows. For this next storm, I am at a loss. I've packed up my clothes, have enough knitting projects to last a year, found a place to live temporarily, and bought enough hand sanitizer and chlorox wipes to probably have stock on them. I've made doctors appointments and gathered records. Ive made arrangements for the dog, the mail, and even to have my sofas cleaned. Tomorrow we leave. Pat receives his port in the morning and will be admitted into the hospital that afternoon/evening. I am not even sure how long we will be gone though the estimate is 9 days, initially. I leave his care in the capable hands of doctors, I gather my strength from generous and willing family and friends and I pray.

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Molly's Family said...

Today is Thursday. We hope all is going well. I was reading a devotional by Catherine Marshall and I want to quote a part of what she wrote. "Hand in hand we touch, we hold, we love, we protect. Remember the first time you reached out to God and put your hand in his? Perhaps it was a prayer for help, or a prayer for a desperate need. or a prayer of surrender. If you are in need of a gentle touch today, whisper a prayer asking Jesus to take your hand in his and hold on." Dana I hope these words give you some peace. You are doing all the right things. We are praying that God will guide the doctors. We have you and Pat in our prayers. Love, Molly's Family