Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring Break

Well, it's over. It was nice while it lasted. Tuesday was a scheduled marathon day at Hopkins. Pat was scheduled for CT scans, pre op work with EKG, blood work, consults with orthopedic oncologist and plastic surgeon and a possible meet with the medical oncologist. We expected a very, very long day but not an overnight stay. Only about half way through everything and running extremely late, we met with his long time orthopedic oncologist and surgeon. He gave us the results of Pat's chest CT scan, which showed blood clots, a very brief overview of the upcoming surgery and then immediately transported him to admitting. I'm not sure how long it was before we closed our mouths.

I felt like I needed to make a quick run home to attend to some things at home and work and pack a bag. So I left.

I hate leaving him.

I managed to get everything done and hit the road by my goal time. I was back in Baltimore, back at Hopkins by 3:30 wednesday. Audrey was there shortly after me. Pat is feeling fine other than being in a hospital when there are better things to do like even mowing the lawn (thanks Bill and Patti!). He is scheduled to have an IVC filter put in today, which filters any clots from his legs and prevents them from traveling to his heart. The hematology crew said his body will take care of the clots in his lung and they have put him on anticoagulants. He will have to be taken off the anticoagulants about 24 hours before surgery but that's another post.

It was a beautiful evening. I took a beer out onto Marie's deck and listened to the sounds of the city, animals, kids, neighbors and an occasional bus. It was good. I spent an hour catching up with Marie. It was good. And now I will go I to the hospital and knit and wait. I hope we will go home today.

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