Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Rainy Days and Mondays

Yesterday was a perfect rainy Monday.  We slept in, drank our coffee and though we had an agenda, it was somewhat relaxed and good stuff.  We drove to Lewes to book the beach for a wedding and The Virden Center for a reception.  Those tasks finished it was just about lunch time.  We weighed our options and decided on A Touch of Italy in Lewes.  We had water with gas (okay it was San Pelligrino), a 60 minute, and delicious food.  For one moment, I was transported back to our trips to Italy.  Perfect.  We stopped at Mom's on the way back to help with a couple minor items.  It's so nice to be able to do that on a whim rather than carve out a whole day like we used to.  And then...the best...an afternoon nap, jammies, movies, leftover lunch, knitting, and nothing.  Perfect.

Today is another rainy day.  It's not quite so perfect but productive.  I am at work doing a little bit of everything, acccounting, waiting for a group, placing orders, burning my lunch and having the fire company dispatched.  I followed protocol, unplugging the toaster, reseting the fire panel, calling the security company but it was too late. The worst part?  They are one block away and had no idea where the center was located.  OMB!  I had to go out onto the street and flag them down.  A little worrisome.

My Handsome Prince is scheduled for surgery on Friday.  We will head to Baltimore early Thursday morning for the last little bit of pre-op tests and a consulatation with the plastic surgeon which got overlooked last week.  We will go out to dinner with our girls and future son in law, hold hands, say a prayer, laugh, whatever we need to do together to ease our hearts and minds for the next day. Friday will begin very early arriving at the hospital by 5am.  They are proposing a very difficult, big surgery.  Originally when the surgeon said excise the sarcoma, we thought exactly that, just the muscle area where the cancer is.  No.  They hope to be able to replace from hip to knee, taking out the original prosthesis, the radical extension put in two years ago, his hip, and then excise the dead sarcoma from the muscle.  Since they are doing so much work, Pat has asked that they work on his patella, installing a button under it to prevent it from rubbing on the prosthesis which has caused him pain for years.    All of this information was part of what shocked us last week.  I asked his long term orthopedic oncologist if Pat would be able to walk his daughter down the aisle in a year.  He smiled and said "I like that,Yes. " There are risks involved but the greater risk is doing nothing at all.  We anticipate a hospital stay of at least a week and maybe a few extra days in Baltimore just in case. 
Tomorrow Pat will attend yet another deployment ceremony for another one of his units.  This is number three.  Over the next couple days we will gather our thoughts and questions, pack our bags, make necessary arrangements, and hit the road. 


Nan Sartorio said...

Dana, You and your family are in my prayers.

Molly's Family said...

We will keep Pat,you, and your family in our prayers. We know God will bless you and keep you in his care.
Molly's Family

seaneedles2 said...

will you be at retreat??Did you burn THAT kitchen?and the fd couldn't locate you?XOXOXOX to you both.