Friday, June 07, 2013

There is No Place Like Home

While this is true, I must admit the euphoria wore off and reality set in. Overwhelmed is a great word. It can go both ways, overwhelmed with boredom, stress, work, frustration or overwhelmed with contentment, support, movies and more. I think we both have felt all and more. My Handsome Prince continues to gain strength and movement. We go to church and the DQ for Cruz-n night together. Most days he is by himself while I work. Tomorrow is an appointment with the Oncologist. A co -worker of his is coming to get him and take him across the bridge to Hopkins.  Emma will meet him for the appointment. He will receive, hopefully, the schedule for the next three rounds of chemotherapy. well, at least the first because the next two depend on his counts. A group of 53 will be at the center and tomorrow is the first day for my new Czech staff to cook. I feel so torn with the need to accompany my Man and the need to train my staff myself so they can take over if needed in my absence later in the season. Tomorrow will be a rough day for me. 

On the bright side, pathology report came back with 80% necrosis and the margins clean, which means they took out all of the sarcoma (that was questionable at time of surgery) and that 80% of it was dead. All of that is good news. The plan is that the chemotherapy will continue to knock out any stray cells.

More good news. We always knew our daughters are special and stand out but Audrey was 1in 12,000 chosen for her internship at Nordstrom. This week she got to meet Eric Nordstrom. Me? I am knitter to the rock stars. Just ask me about it and ill be happy to tell you :-)


seaneedles2 said...

enjoyed your post.hope you able to do some knitting.Best of luck with everything.What's for dinner tonight???

Wanda Bickers said...

glad to hear you are home, have been thinking and praying for you.

James Gardner said...

Sounds like good news all around...Keep up the great work!!

And remember, while it's tough to let others do your 'job' sometimes, it's an honor, a thrill and great comfort for them to be allowed to help!!

Keep It Up!!!