Thursday, February 01, 2007

Last night I dreamt of Valentines...

paper mache valentines. I dreamt of making the shape from paper bags filled with newspaper and refined with masking tape. I dreamt of covering the shapes with newspaper and goop. I dreamt of colors; pink, purple, white, red, polka dots and stripes, words and decopauge. Lord help me, I didn't sleep a wink. My hands were working and my mind was racing. Maybe it was because of this:

(having trouble loading photos, they will be added)

A group of elementary aged kids, making birds, from web pictures, or picture books, or field guides. Their imaginations gone wild! It is exciting to see them think, figure and work with little guidance. One is making a pearatuc (combination peacock, parakeet, and tucan), one is making a penguin from a soda bottle and and styrafoam egg, one is making a funky bird with high heel shoes, one is making a sweet little bird similar to those found here. Incredible!

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