Saturday, March 24, 2007

Prom Night

That's what some of the soldiers call it. At a promotion ceremony I attended yesterday, the buzz was "Are you going to prom?" "See you tomorrow at the prom." So that is where we are going tonight. Last year we took social dancing lessons to prepare for this event, only to discover there really wasn't an opportunity to use what we learned. No foxtrots, no swing, and just some minor slow dancing. I've practiced this week and I'm sure I'll get the Handsome Prince to dance with me after a couple drinks. Recently a note went home from the high school about inappropriate dancing. That's what we should have learned, dirty dancing. teehee. What a scene we would make.

We had a great time! I felt beautiful, my Handsome Prince was, of course, Handsome. We danced a lot. Even got a foxtrot in there. We did see a couple doing the dirty dancing thing. They were good! There is definitely something about couples who dance together regularly. There is rhythm, intimate knowledge of each others bodies and how they move. There was a couple at New Orleans Jazz Fest that had a bizarre dance that did with each other with hops, head ducking, etc. We saw them 2 years in a row. You couldn't help but notice them. They had been dancing like this forever and felt comfortable. Maybe we'll get there someday.


Simonetta said...

Wow!!! Dana, that magnificent photo! You are a beautiful couple!
I am happy that you have a lot of fun to the party. My compliment to your Prince ;)))

Rabbit Stitchings said...

Nothing like a night out all dressed up with your dh!

Ya'll looked great!

maritza said...

You look great! Glad you had a wonderful time. :)

weirdbunny said...

Look at all his medals !! You look fantastic.. such a beautiful photo.