Thursday, March 01, 2007

Calculated Acts of Kindness

Africankelli is starting this up. I believe this is her second year. This is something I try to do but am not always regular. I want my kindness to reach to those I do not know. I really try to be a cheerful, helpful person at the Y all the time. I see all kinds of people everyday. I smile and say hello. Occassionally, I'm approached by someone I don't know who feels they can tell me something. I listen and we go our separate ways. Lately, I've not been putting myself out there too much, so it's a perfect opportunity to participate in CAOK. I bought a card for a fellow PT patient, whom I don't know or speak to, but I know is having a particularly bad time. In watching her, watching My Handsome Prince, and Lil' Sister, I want her to know that this, too, shall pass. I hope it gives her a little boost. I've also sent my sister a little boost which will arrive tomorrow. She's the best!

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African Kelli said...

Love it! Thanks for participating!!