Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Food for thought

My local Super Suppers has closed. I don't think they were even open 9 months. It was close, convenient, and suplemented on the nights I had to work. It just so happens that the day I received the email about the closing, I chose to take a nap, and instead watched Rachel Rae. She was making Sammys. Don't you just love that? My Handsome Prince and I, since Emma was little, sing a song every time we make sandwiches. It's from a Fred Penner tape Em had when she was little.

Sandwiches are beautiful
Sandwiches are fine
I like sandwiches, I eat them all the time
I eat them for my supper and I eat them for my lunch
If I had a hundred sandwiches, I'd eat them all at once!

(this is sung very dramatically, with a huge finish!)

I promptly went out and bought one of RR 30 Minute Meal books and we are having sammys for dinnner, complete with song, and a lovely strawberry and lettuce salad (lettuce that I'm attempting to grow). Just the thought makes me smile.

PS My aunt and uncle remember this tape, but the song they sing is "The cat came back, the very next day..."

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