Friday, July 13, 2007

Good News

I arrived home late Wednesday night after 5 days of Christian youth camp. I am so far removed from my ordinary life that it is not funny. Dinner and a glass of wine, small conversation with My Handsome Prince about the next day, comparing camp stories with Emma, early to bed. Thursday morning arrived despite my wish to completely skip over it. We left the house before 6am, Big Dad taking us to Johns Hopkins Hospital. Once again, in pre-op, we received scary information about extra tubes, in his neck, down his throat for 24 hours, in his back...Surgery came and went with only one extra surprise, another small nodule not found in any scans. It was removed. Still, a little extra tearing of his lung, due to the previous lung resection, possible longer hospital stay, yada, yada. Well, so far, it's been quite the opposite. His pain has been managed so much better, no extra tubes, telling us what we need to do to get his prescription for his hospital chair, giving the nurse a hard time, being his usual PIA. He called me this morning to let me know he's feeling ok, no nauseau so far, and moving out of ICU soon. YES! I still will be removed from ordinary life, but it is all good.


Runner Gurl said...

Wishing you all the best, biker gurl. Sounds like you have WAY too much going on for biking, but sneak a little ride around the block in when you can. It might be JUST the five minutes you need to normalize life a teensy bit. I'm sending TONS and TONS of good thoughts your way.


Rabbit Stitchings said...

Sending you guys the very best thoughts...and a big old Texas hug(((())))....