Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Story of Our Days

Monday was Audrey's birthday. She had been out the night before to a concert where some of her friends were playing. She then spent the night at another friend's house, whose parents let her choose what she wanted for breakfast. She got donuts, scrapple and bacon. Mmmmm. Her Grandmommy and Aunt picked her up at the meeting point and brought her home to us, where I had presents and had made cupcakes. After the initial hoopla was over, including some cards for MHP, she showered, got on the computer and was promptly bored. She even said next summer she does not want to be home at all. Just put a knife through my heart. Of course, she did not mean it that way. Yesterday came on the heels of 10 days in Italy and 6 days in New York, friends, and a concert. I know what she meant but it made me think.
We are a family that has many opportunities. I believe in taking advantage of them and that the ones we have taken have enriched our lives. We've done a small bit of travelling, due to the generousity of my Father in law, but we have a lot of experiences that are priceless. Deciding to feed a homeless shelter for a birthday, gatherings with family, learning something new, the various work trips that are available to my children through church, free concerts in communities, camping with friends, our children's involvements in school, having fun together, but mainly leaving ourselves open to experience something new.
This week is a week of different opportunities. Today alone, we had 9 visitors. We hardly ever have visitors! We have a fridge full of food. I knit away while we watch movie after movie. I've read two books. I've even started hanging my laundry outside again. This is a time of renewal, of slowing down, of taking time, taking stock, and taking care of one another. Even Audrey has finally caught on and took a nap while the tv droned on and the phone rang beside her. She did not even twitch. Ahhh.
I will post soon on my Italian Holiday and my Back to Camp. In the meantime, take a moment, read a book, sit outside and wave to those who drive by, start a new project, finish an old one, or just enjoy the nothingness.
The photo is of My Handsome Prince in his new throne, a motorized recliner that assists him in and out, along with the puppy that won't leave him alone. She even follows him ever so slowly into the bathroom and ever so slowly out and back into the chair.

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Rabbit Stitchings said...

:O) what a cute picture of your husband and the doggy :O).. snooozing away :O)..