Friday, July 13, 2007

Wanting Contact

A year or so ago, I went for a massage. One of my class participants gave me a gift certificate for a massage, someone I did not know very well. It was a very kind and generous gift. One of the things that struck me the most about the massage was the fact that the woman prayed over me. It was not quite silent, but whispered. I don't know what she prayed for but it was over me. It was a very moving experience.

On Wednesday, before I left camp and at the last group gathering, I was helped up onto a chair in the center of the room. Then everyone in the room circled me and layed their hands upon me. Those who could not, touched those in front of them. I took a moment to actually look at everyone, to see those who were touching me, praying for me. Then the prayers started, very simple, safe journey, healing, strength. The most amazing part was my body was humming, there was energy flowing from the hands into me. Just as soon as it started, it was over. I don't know if I will ever experience anything like that again. It was amazing.

I'm not one of those evangelistic people. I'm fairly quiet in my faith, still questioning, still searching. But love exists and is an amazing power. Believe.

I am willing - lay your hands on me
I am ready - lay your hands on me
I believe - lay your hands on me, over me
over me
Lay your hands on me
Lay your hands on me
Lay your hands on me, over me
Peter Gabriel


YHP said...

I am still searching and learning in my faith, but I do, and always have believed in the power of prayer. My family touched me, held my hand prior to surgery, as Trent, my father in-law, said a pre-op prayer over me. Brian, our assit, minister, said a prayer over me post surgery, my father in-law, again prayed over me before he left from his visit. I am now how and feeling better than my last recovery.
Thank you all for your thoughts snd prayers,

Dana said...

You make me cry.

Rabbit Stitchings said...

That is what is so wonderful about being a spirutual person, it can be a overwhelming experience hard to describe by common words... to me that is the difference between "Religion" and "Spiritual"...

Moments we will never forget in our lives, moments that you cannot put in accurate words even if you try, moments that if you get to experience them once in life you are so very lucky and more than once, it truly changes you! :O)...

Rabbit Stitchings said...

oops on the typos and spelling

Anonymous said...

Dana & Pat:

We aren't there to help, but we follow your progress with great love and concern. We celebrate the good news and wish greater strength and healing each day. Our love to you both and to the entire loving clan.
J&K in PA